Journal-World editors to chat about new Go! section

October 13, 2008

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.

Starting Monday, Oct. 13, Monday editions of the Journal-World will look a lot different. They will include a new lifestyle section called "Go!," an easy-to-navigate publication that will include school/youth news, advice columns, family-friendly entertainment calendars, ideas for looking and feeling your best and plenty of stories featuring the way community members go about their daily lives. Want to know more? Submit your questions to Dennis Anderson, managing editor, and Terry Rombeck, features and special sections editor, who can tell you more about "Go!" And visit <a href="">this Web site to explore Go!</a>.


Good afternoon. This is Dennis Anderson, managing editor of the Lawrence Journal-World. I will be moderating today's chat with Journal-World Feature and Special Sections Editor Terry Rombeck. I will also be adding comments.


Hello Terry. How has today been going?

Terry Rombeck:

Things are good. It's nice to have the first issue of Go! out in the community, and to be getting feedback. Of course, we're busy working on next week's issue already, too.


Let me start out by talking some about why we decided to do Go! Our company is recognized as a trendsetter. It's a designation we are proud of, and something we believe we have earned as a news organization that is on the cutting edge of innovation and change.
It's more than awards, and other recognition, it's really about the journalists who do the work - bright, talented, dedicated people who know and respect our audience and community. Now we are taking our talents to another level, to reach a greater audience. As people have grown busier, our audience has been telling us about their need for reliable, relevant information to their daily lives. We see it as our goal to help the reader sift through the clutter of our fast-paced world. That's where the idea of Go! came from.
I'll ask Terry talk about Go! content and how we decided on our approach.

Terry Rombeck:

Generally, the content falls under five categories: 1. community faces, 2. helpful advice, 3. entertainment, 4. school/youth coverage, and 5. community events. Today's issue has a little of all of that in there, as will every issue in the future. We started with our own ideas, talked to a lot of people in the community about what they would like to see in a section like this, held focus groups to get feedback and continued to hone the content for our community. And of course we'll listen to your feedback as we get going, to see what else we should include.


If you have comments about Go! or the Journal-World, contact Managing Editor Dennis Anderson at or 785-832-7194, or Features and Special Sections Editor Terry Rombeck at or 785-832-7145.

Terry Rombeck:

We'll look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.


Jingal 9 years, 6 months ago

That's weird...since I couldn't attend the chat session, I submitted a question this morning. In a nutshell I asked why they felt the need to fill the landfills with yet another in a long line of unnecessary advertising vehicles. I had suggested they just raise the price of cable another 25 cents and leave the recycling bins and bird cages where they are. Guess that's not cutting edge enough.My prediction: Go! will win numerous awards very soon, thus validating both its existence, and the talent, vision, dedication, etc. etc. etc. of those involved.Viva la newsprint!

George_Braziller 9 years, 6 months ago

I tried to read GO but it was such a hodge podge of distracting stuff it almost immediately went into the recycling bin with the sports section.

the_chamber_grandjury 9 years, 6 months ago

like I said,,,,,,,, much for award winning, trend setting, awe inspiring, mind blowing ,talented chat sessions, huh.....

Nikki May 9 years, 6 months ago

I wasn't on yesterday to check the chat transcript, but I'm disappointed in the chat. There are no questions. Weird.Anyway, about the actual print section. I don't like the picture of Linda Cottin. SHE'S not unpleasing, just the picture. I'm worried her hair is going to get twisted in a grinder. Just saying. Anyway, I liked the graphic design. It reminds me of a website template though, so I'd likely get bored with it too fast. Most of the articles were ok, they don't say much, but they were interesting in many cases. I feel like they could have been longer or more in depth though. My favorite article would have to be the one on the principal at Central. I don't have any ties to Central, but it's nice to see that sort of thing.I'll probably keep checking it out for awhile. I really prefer's deadwood addition as it seems to pertain to me more even though I'm a parent.

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