Douglas County Commission candidate David Brown chats about primary election

July 17, 2008

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.

David Brown is a Republican candidate for 2nd District Douglas County commissioner.


Good morning. This is reporter Mike Belt, and I will be your moderator. We are chatting with David Brown, a Republican running for the 2nd District County Commission seat. David, thanks for being here.

David Brown:

Thanks for allowing me to be here.


Here is our first question.


Why do you want to be a commissioner? And, how do you think your years at the Douglas County Sheriff's Department have prepared you for the job?

David Brown:

I decided to run for County Commisioner even before my retirement from the Sheriff's Office. I have devoted my entire adult life to serving the people of Douglas County. I want to contiue to serve the residents of Douglas County and I have a great deal of passion for Douglas County. The second part of the question; Through the years with the Sheriff's Office I have dealt with people from all areas of Douglas County. I have gotten a first hand look at how the County goverment is run. The ablity to make a good decsion and my strong leadership were traits developed from the Sheriff's Office.


What do you think of the county's decision this week to raise the mill levy next year?

David Brown:

I think the current commisioners did their best not to have to raise the mill levy. I guess I wasn't suprised they had to raise the mill levy even after making cuts from the 2008 budget. I never like to see taxes go up, but I don't want to see the services of Douglas County suffer either.


Will you continue funding for the Division Pro Tem, which handles child support, juvenile offenders and first appearances for the Douglas County District Court?

David Brown:

Yes, I would support keeping the postion. The judges are carring heavy case loads now. The Pro Tem would provide some relief to the case loads. With this postion I hope cases would be heard more quickly. I will be intersted in hearing from the courts on how they think this postion will be funded in the future. I would hope there would be state money for part or all of the postion.


Would you support the county assuming maintenance of township roads?

David Brown:

No, with the tight budget the county has now trying to take this on would be costly. I've been asked this question several times. For now I would like to see the township remain carring for their own roads.


That's all the time we have for questions. David, is here a way for voters to contact you and send questions? And thanks for being here.

David Brown:

Thanks again , the service you provide helps to educate the voters on each canidate is helpful. I currently don't have a website set up. I feel its important to be available to the public, so feel free to contact me at my e-mail address


We have two more chats later today with a county commission and county attorney candidates in Leavenworth County, so be sure to check back in.


EudoraCommoner 9 years, 9 months ago

Finally someone with some common sense in local politics. I respect your service at the sherrif's department and look forward to your new career as our county commissioner.

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