"Red Dog" to chat about changes to summer Dog Days workouts

May 29, 2007

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.

Don "Red Dog" Gardner, of the Red Dog's Dog Days, will chat about changes this summer's exercise program at Kansas University's Memorial Stadium. Construction near the stadium will affect parking when Dog Days moves outside from Allen Fieldhouse to Memorial Stadium on June 5.


Welcome. This is Dennis Anderson, managing editor of the Lawrence Journal-World. Our guest today is Don Gardner, who runs Red Dog's Dog Days, the community exercise program. Dog Days is preparing for the summer session, which starts Tuesday, June 5, at Memorial Stadium. Welcome, Don.

Don "Red Dog" Gardner:

Thanks for inviting me I look forward to chatting about Dog

Days. First I would like to thank the KU Athletic Dept. for letting us use the stadium this summer.


Summer is the busiest time for Dog Days. What effect will the construction around Memorial Stadium have on participants?

Don "Red Dog" Gardner:

We will have to co-operate with the construction company and be carefull going in and out of the stadium. We will be able to park in lots 94 north-east and lot 91 south-east of the stadium.

Don "Red Dog" Gardner:

Also we will be able to park in the lot behind J.R.P. The gate to go in the stadium at this time will be gate 31&32.on the North east corner of the stadium.


I see the summer hours are 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Tuesday and Thursdays from June 5 to June 28; 6 a.m., noon and 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, July 2 to Aug. 9; and 7 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. Saturdays, June 9 through Aug. 4, from the Lied Center parking lot. What other changes can participants expect this year?

Don "Red Dog" Gardner:

No other changes at this time. All participants are asked to sign a waiver for insurance purposes,


Here come questions from our readers.


Thanks, Red Dog and Bev! How many workouts will it take to earn this year's coveted Dog Days t-shirt?

Don "Red Dog" Gardner:

Several. I am not sure but I think it's 26. Call Beverly, she will love me for that.


FYI: Beverly is Don's wife, who keeps the attendance sheet.


Is there a designated website for Dog Days and/or an e-mail address where we can send questions? Also, is there a way to be placed on the Dog Days e-mail list?

Don "Red Dog" Gardner:

The web site is currently not active. Come to Dog Days and Beverly or Catherine can set you up on the E-Mail list.


Is there a minimum fitness level that one should have to participate? What sort of ages do you see in your summer sessions?

Don "Red Dog" Gardner:

We are open to any one who wants to participate, just use your head and go at your own pace in the beginning.


How would you recommend starting out for a first timer?

Don "Red Dog" Gardner:

Show up and continue to show up and stretch on your own before, after and at home.


Hey, Red Dog. Have you ever contemplated making Red Dog exclusive to Lawrence High athletes, since it originally began as a summer training program for LHS fall sports? Do you think it's gotten out of control with all the people?

Don "Red Dog" Gardner:

Dog Days is for all athletes at all schools, No, the more the better--if we help one person feel better then we are doing a pretty good job.


Hello, is there a fee for the program?

Don "Red Dog" Gardner:

No, but we asked for donations to help purchase the shirts and we and I thank all of the many sponsors.


We are running out of time. Any final thoughts?

Don "Red Dog" Gardner:

Thanks to all the donors, the leaders and the people that support us. My wish would be to see more and more high school and junior high school students and coaches. Thank you


LittleMissFlea 11 years ago

Anyone know how long the workouts usually last?

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

on my display at least some of Red Dog's answers got repeated twice or thrice. strange.

good program. good luck Red Dog!

bandito 11 years ago

The workout usually lasts from 30-45 minutes. Most just last 30.

Jayhawkbanker 11 years ago

I went to Dog Days when I was in high school and let me tell you, they kick your hind end. So, if you are not in tip top fitness shape, go slow and go at your own pace. It's really good for people who want to be involved in the community.

formerksteacher 11 years ago

If any of you can afford to donate to this program, Red Dog and Bev are always on the lookout. I've even seen Red Dog collecting aluminum cans in his pickup to help defray costs. They are great people, and don't take any pay for this. If he ever decides to quit, Lawrence will have lost a great asset. So, again - if you can afford even a few dollars, I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

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