Chat about the Lawrence City Commission race with candidate Michael Limburg

February 23, 2007

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.

Michael Limburg, 38, is a forklift driver who has lived in Lawrence five years. "The big issue for me is basically the zoning and growth of Lawrence," Limburg said. "I feel we're not really planning it out. We need to slow it down and plan a little bit better. I also would like for us to have more emphasis on industry rather than residential growth."


Hi folks! I'm Joel Mathis, managing editor for convergence. Michael Limburg is here and ready to take questions.

Michael Limburg:

hello and thank you for inviting me


Have you ever been in a position of leadership? If so, please elaborate. Do you think that the 6th Street Walmart should be allowed to be built?

Michael Limburg:

I have been a shift lead for Dazy Corp and also shift manager for the same company.Plus was a backup or asst shop steward for Marly Cooling Comp.

The Walmart issue I do not back up. After they expanded I think that another comp would be better as a cornerstone for that area.


How do you propose to 'slow it down' in regard to growth in Lawrence? It sounds good to say that, but in reality do you really think you can bypass the big businesses who put in so much money to accomplish their goals?

Michael Limburg:

I think that taking more time to zone areas as bussiness and not res will help in the slowing down of our growth . The main part is planning better so we dont sprawl out and have this city look like Johnson County.I dont want to stop growth I just want the city to be better planned out.I dont want to "bypass" big businesses but would want to work with then in the growth Lawrence.


Michael, what are your views about transit in Lawrence? Do you support the "T"? On the "T" website there are reports from a study about possible coordination of services with KU on Wheels -- what do you think about this idea?

Michael Limburg:

I love the "T", I have used it many time myself to get to work and get around the town when my car was down.I would like to see the "T" expand and work with KU on wheels .The new price hike I am not in favor of but to maintain the service it must be done,also the partnership with the " JO" in johnson county I like the idea but the " JO " need to get bigger and provide more service in a broader area.I think the "T" is great for the city.


What is your view of the proposed domestic partnership registry?

Michael Limburg:

At first I was againt it for the view of safety of the people the would be on it.I was thinking that any one could go to the courthouse and get a profile of all the names in it and then picket them follow them to work and harass them.Then what if someone would hurt them who then would be lible for that the city? After talking to some people that are backing the bill they said they thought about that and are ready.They are will to put up with the risk to be treated as equals, and a support that .If elected I will back it up cause we all need to be treated as equal no matter who you are.


Will you vote YES or NO on Walmart?

Michael Limburg:



Do you think we need a new public library? If so, do you believe we can afford it? If so, which of the proposed plans do you support?

Michael Limburg:

We need a bigger libary that is known, and I do think we can afford it if done right .What plan would I support I am not sure.It would depend on how we get the money and how much we would get.If a increase in a sales tax of maybe .25% of a cent for 5-10 years or bonds I am sure we could have a libary the city would be proud of.I would like to see a new or expanded library with better parking and keeping it downtown.


Do you think you have a prayer of winning election if some of the other candidates have out-spent you on advertising by as much as $20,000?

Michael Limburg:

To tell the truth I dont know why you would spend 20,000$ on a job that pays only 9,000$ a year. If you think that is wise and good sence then by all mean let them run the city,but to me it just dont make no sense.If you have that kind of money then it was not from the people that vote but by companies.I think the people sould make the choice. of common sense.


What are your feelings on the smoking ban? Would you support bar owners having the right to allow smoking in bars after a certain time at night?

Michael Limburg:

I think the city over stepped it's bound when they did that.Now that we have had it in place I think a open ban would be better.Just let the bars a eating places make the choice. No somking ,smoking after 10 pm, open smoking, smoking out side , you get the picture.


There seems to be a political divide between the pro-developement and real estate community and those who want to see Lawrence stay small and cozy. Where do you fit into that scheme? Would you promote/favor more growth, tax rebates for new industry, and laws that favor property owners, or are you more interested in a clean environment, small neighborhoods, and renter's rights?


We'll post one more question after this.

Michael Limburg:

I want more growth,tax rebates for new industry, but as for renters and owners that is a big problem.I think some owners take advantage of rentes cause most are young students ,like the cleaning deposit.If you leave just a little trash in the apt they pick it up and call it cleaning and keep the deposit .Others tho will trash a house and the deposit wont even cover the half the tab of repairing the place .I think meeting with landlords and tenets are needed so that both sides can tell their side. I woild love to see small neighborhoods like the central area of Lawrence. Call me what you will but I want both and I know it can be worked out for both sides if planned out right .


Why should Lawrence Firefighters vote for you, instead of other candidates?

Thank you.

Michael Limburg:

Well I was raised in a union family, and I fully support unions.I dont know if the city see's you as a threat or not but if i am elected you have my ear, along with the police union.I would also like to see all city workers in a union too.


Thanks to Michael Limburg for joining us! Jake Davis finishes our series of chats this afternoon.


newsreader 11 years, 4 months ago

Wow... now that's a lot of bad grammer.

kujeeper 11 years, 4 months ago

This man is so unqualified it is riduculous! Just like Rundle, no idea what's going on....

Moderateguy 11 years, 4 months ago

Somebody please pitch a movie to Hollywood about this guy. It would be a riot. Maybe the next "Napoleon Dynamite" or "Little Miss Sunshine." As far as the election, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

justthefacts 11 years, 4 months ago

It seems a shame to me that people may base their voting decisions simply upon how well someone can type. Sounds like the candidates who brought along someone to do their typing for them will win the vote(s) of those who read these boards.

HoosierPride 11 years, 4 months ago

If you want to ignore a half-wit ignore Marion. And I guess this guy as well.

Moderateguy 11 years, 4 months ago

Well, Grubesteak comes up 540 times. What is your point? I don't really know where I read it first, but it pretty much sums up my feelings about Mr. Limburg's understanding of the issues. For the record, I was able to look past the typos and grammar. I just want informed, capable people in positions of power.

grubesteak 11 years, 4 months ago

"who typed his stuff? even the "hawk" knows grammer better than this dude...."


"You don't suppose some where chosed just to give the other candidates ideas?"

Hi pot, this is kettle ...

Thats_messed_up 11 years, 4 months ago

Wow! If this guy doesn't join a band downtown or come out of the closet before the election he's got NO chance of being elected.

Jamesaust 11 years, 4 months ago

Interestingly, domestic partnership is providing some of the more insightful answers from candidates (especially seeing that its not all that important of an issue) so far.

How many people's first thought reading about it in LJW was 'I'd be worried for the peoples' safety'? That seems (to me) way, way out of touch with the community.

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