Chat about the Lawrence City Commission race with candidate Sam Fields

February 22, 2007

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.

Sam Fields, 46, is a bail bondsman running for Lawrence City Commission. Fields said Lawrence's economy is one of the best and most consistent of all the cities where he has lived. But, he said, the community needs to spend more time thinking about bigger-picture issues that will play out in the next 30 to 100 years. "I really want to stress how important it is for our local leaders to make good business decisions now that will reflect on the prosperity of our town 100 years from now," Fields said, pointing to how some Kansas communities are still paying the price for frontier-era decisions related to keeping the railroads out of their community.


Hi folks! Sam Fields is here a bit early, so we're going to get started early. Welcome!

Sam Fields:

Hello, it's a very nice day out today.


Your bio says you want our local leaders to make better business decisions. There seems to be some debate on what a better business decision is. Do you believe it more important to try and support our existing businesses by limiting retail development, or do you see bringing in new businesses as being the better business decision?

Sam Fields:

New business, as well as, improve the city's relatations ships with existing businesses.


Assuming the state Attorney General gives it his legal "OK", what is your position on the proposed domestic partner registry ordinance that has been proposed here in Lawrence?

Sam Fields:

If this were the case, then let me say that I am somewhat sadden that the Lawrence Equality Coalition or (LEC) has the narrow issue or motive base narrowly upon the need for partnership health care coverage. However,Failing to address the basic family needs of child displacement or address the equal division of community property. If state law ackownledges the registry, then common law in the absence of statue would prevail. Therefore, in the dissolution of a registry partnership, this would demand the need for fair and equitable distribution of community assets and even custody wrights for children. This is a family law matter and the state would have to rule on the
funding and assign matters to the appropriate law courts. In the absents of a state ruling, the city would only have jurisdiction to refer disputes to the municipal court, whereas, they are not currently prepared for matters of family law.


Will you vote YES or NO on Walmart?

Sam Fields:

Now, that Walmart has remodel an expanded its south Iowa store, they may want to re-evaluate the current need for a new store.If Walmart re-subbmitted a new plan I would be suprised. If they do submit a plan I might oppose the project. Its strickly hypothetical, and I would need more and current demographics.


Where do you stand on the SLT?

Sam Fields:

The city of Lawrence has nothing to do with the SLT. I bet you did not know that. The project is controlled by the county commissioners. One government agency has approve only one aspect of the project. Senator Pat Roberts, Has secured only 1 million in ear marked funds for the project and that's a drop in the bucket. The state of Kansas has not funded the project nor has the federal agencys because it must pass 4 or 5 more government agency before it can be funded. My gut tells me that it will fail, fail, fail. The 32nd street route will be controversal and not popular with the indian nations. The only reason this route was choosen was that it avoided the construction of two needed bridges
which will be needed to take the route further south and avoid the wet lands. The project is destine to fail miserably. I have and idea that would be a alternative solution to the problem. The city of lawrence has the power to annex a corridor from Iowa street to hwy 10, just beyond the east Lawrence curve. We can build a street, a wide street and bridges and overpasses linking the two Iowa and hwy 10. We could make it a toll road with no exits and avoid the wet lands and it would pay for itsself in time and it would solve the problem. The city would have to finance it and apply for any state and federal moneies that are available. We could bid it out on a cost plus bases.


Sam, what are your views about transit in Lawrence? Do you support the "T"? On the "T" website there are reports from a study about possible coordination of services with KU on Wheels -- what do you think about this idea?

Sam Fields:

I am very much in support of the T, The cost of operations has gone up in the past 7 years and some of the busses may be in need of replacement. The handicapped are in need of this valuable srevice and will support it.


Do you support a new library for Lawrence? What is your view on the current proposal before the city commission?


This is the last question today.

Sam Fields:

If you want to destroy two perfectly good buildings that are owned by the tax payers, throw in a 30 million dollar library, raise taxes, suffle the post office like a deck of cards and split it in half and put it in a shoe box where the parking is a boondoggle in the making, you better have a 15 million dollar bribe. Say it ain't so Joe. Where's the library moving to in the mean time, are we going to cose it and layoff everyone for a year, while the new ones being completed. We could sell the two buildings and buy the riverfront mall building, the whole building, It will make a large and spaceous library, second to none. We could have an event center there as well. We could keep it open and grow into it for years to come.


That's all. Join us tomorrow for the final chats!


Godot 10 years ago

LOL! Good job, Sam! There is no guessing where you stand on the issues. Thank you.

Weezy_Jefferson 10 years ago

Hmm, I'd rather vote for someone who sounds at least partially literate and can spell.

Godot 10 years ago

Weezy, remember that James Bush and David Schauner had someone else do their typing (and, I assume, editing).

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

nice direct answers, though I disagree with a couple of them. appreciate Sam's plain answers.

now, just where the heck is he talking about for the SLT replacement, connecting K10 and Iowa????? sounds a little loopy [please forgive the pun.]

Weezy_Jefferson 10 years ago

LOL. Lincoln? I think he had, oh, just a few more positive attributes. Thanks for making me laugh, though.

Jamesaust 10 years ago

Sorry, I didn't make it past the answer about the domestic registry. I vote for this man not to be a Commissioner but a Florida State Judge.

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