Heading to the Orange Bowl? Chat with Kent Houk of Travellers about the trip to Miami

December 4, 2007

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.

Kent Houk, vice president of sales for Travellers Inc. of Lawrence, will chat at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday about Miami, site of the Orange Bowl, and travel packages. KU plays Virginia Tech in the Jan. 3 Orange Bowl.


Good afternoon. This is Dennis Anderson, managing editor of the Lawrence Journal-World. Our guest today is Kent Houk of Travellers. Travellers is offering a travel package to the Orange Bowl, where the Jayhawks will be playing Virginia Tech on Jan. 3 in Miami. Welcome Kent.

Kent Houk:

Thanks for having me Dennis!


How does business for the Orange Bowl compare to other KU bowl games of recent times?

Kent Houk:

There is quite a bit more interest. When we became bowl eligible early on, I think folks started making plans to attend the bowl we were selected to.


What can fans expect to see when they get to Miami?

Kent Houk:

There is a lot of exciting things going on around bowl time. There will be different fan activities such as a fan fest and various Alumni activities. South Beach is a popular spot for dinning and entertainment and I imagine a few folks will get their feet wet in the ocean. I imagine fans will see a lot of blue other than the ocean.


I see former KU Coach Don Fambrough and Gale Sayers will be joining your Orange Bowl trip. How much access will fans have to them.

Kent Houk:

They will be on the tour with us and anyone who knows Coach Fambrough knows he is one of the most approachable people we know. Gale and Don will be part of the group and we will have a Hawk Talk Breakfast with Don and Gale that will be exclusive of our tour package. Both gentlemen are extremely excited. Coach Fambrough is the only coach to be associated with all our Orange Bowl appearences.


Will there any activities after the game?

Kent Houk:

Nothing planned, but I am sure after our victory there will be plenty of Jayhawks out celebrating.


How do you compete with internet fares or incorporate them into your travel packages?

Kent Houk:

We are finding that most of the airfares on the internet are very similar to what we offer. The difference is that you get to talk to a live person. Travelers can also book their own air and do land-only packages with us, but as a general rule it is best to get the whole thing from us so you have one party to deal with.


Any chance you have a two-day, one-night package available (that may also include tickets)? Wishful thinking, I realize...just thought I'd ask.

Kent Houk:

Not right now. Most of the hotels have a 2 or 3 night stay minimum.


can you please advise on the closest hotels close to the miami stadium that you can recommend to students.

Kent Houk:

There are so many properties in Miami that I would suggest you call our office and let our reservation agents assist you in finding the right property and the right price. 749-0700


How much does a Bowl package cost per person?

Kent Houk:

The bowl package including Charter Air from KC is $1595 per person double occupance. All the details are at www.travellers.vacation.com. If anyone is interested in going I would suggest they call asap as we only have a few seats left.


We are out of time. I would like to thank Kent Houk of Travellers for joining us today, and the readers for your questions.

Kent Houk:

Thanks again for having me and GO JAYHAWKS!!


Raider 10 years, 6 months ago

$1595 per person? Wow! It's best to shop for your bargains online and not deal with an overpriced charter package. We've found several deals on air and hotel, and have booked both for under $500 per person, staying on the beach. Granted, that doesn't include game tickets, but even when you add those is, it's way cheaper than $1595 PER PERSON. Shop around, bargains are out there.

Linda Aikins 10 years, 6 months ago

FYI - $1595 does not include the game tickets! But we're using this travel package. We want the ease of being toted around!

rumor_man 10 years, 6 months ago

The $1,595 per person allows all of the Houk family (at least 6) to go for free. Tickets included.

A good perk if you can get it.

ModerateOne 10 years, 6 months ago

Raider you are right that it can be cheaper to do it yourself but folks also need to consider the cost of taking all their own time to make the arrangements, the fact that the best hotels are not available except through tours, the fact that there are a lot of incidental expenses and headaches such as parking and traffic hassles, the fact that most people around here don't know what are good hotels and bad hotels, good areas and bad areas of town, etc.

I agree it is expensive but it if your time is valuable and you want one stop shopping it is not a horrible deal. That said, if you are a student with more time than money, you should be scouring the internet and you can save a bundle.

rumor_man you can get the perk too. Just do the hard work and get people to sign up for your tour, with the attendant risk that perhaps they will not.

Raider 10 years, 6 months ago


it literally took me 10 minutes to book my flight. I checked two websites, and shopped the best specials. It took one 5 minute phone call to the Williams' Fund to order a game ticket. For my hotel, I simply went to my TripRewards website, searched the hotels in the area and picked the one I wanted. 10 minutes.

By spending just about 30 minutes of my time, and I saved a little over $1k and I don't have to deal with being on a charter. By not going on a charter, I get to determine my own schedule, and do the things that I want to do as opposed to following a travel agent's itinerary.

The same package could have been put together for a lot less than $1600 per person. I could see that price if it was per couple and included game tickets. Per person is ridiculous.

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