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Opinion: Dreams run into reality in Syria

In 1992, not long after the Soviet Union collapsed, I wandered through the massive Russian Embassy compound in Damascus. As a center of Soviet power off limits to Westerners, it had been a beehive of activity, with about 5,000 civilian and military advisers. Now it was virtually deserted.

Opinion: Colombia celebration premature

The Obama administration, Pope Francis, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and the presidents of Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela and many other countries enthusiastically applauded Colombia’s preliminary agreement with FARC guerrillas to end the five-decade armed conflict that has caused more than 220,000 deaths. But their celebration is premature.

Opinion: GOP divisions hamper compromise

When Republicans won the Senate last November and increased their majority in the House, GOP leaders made clear they intended to end the gridlock of recent years.

Opinion: Boehner’s exit not so surprising

House Speaker John A. Boehner’s sudden decision to resign Friday came as a thunderclap in Washington, but it shouldn’t have surprised anyone who witnessed Boehner’s frustration grow with his fractious Republican caucus.

Opinion: Pope, Chinese leader are worlds apart

When Chinese President Xi Jinping’s handlers arranged his flight from Seattle to Washington, D.C., on Thursday, they made sure he would land after Pope Francis had left. Xi didn’t want to be overshadowed by the rock-star pope.

Opinion: Schools must adapt to new demands

If you have school-age children like we do, you’ve probably heard the following question after a particularly challenging homework assignment or classroom project:

Opinion: Women abused by ISIS need help

Recently, I wrote about the lack of global outrage over the Islamic State’s enslavement and rape of thousands of Iraqi girls and women.

Opinion: Campaign finance caps work in Canada

I spent part of August on vacation in Canada, only to find myself on what was once called a busman’s holiday: Canadians are in the throes of a national election campaign, just like us. And, just like us, they’re grouchy about the state of their democracy.

Opinion: South American economy suffering

Listening to the business-as-usual speeches by the leaders of Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela and other South American countries in the wake of China’s economic slowdown, it seems like they are living on a different planet. They are still bragging about their countries’ abundant natural resources and raw materials, as if that mattered much in the new world of Google, Apple and Uber.

Opinion: Killing Iran deal would hurt U.S., Israel

Tens of millions of advertising dollars have been shelled out by conservatives and pro-Israel groups that want to kill the Iran deal. Their efforts are likely to fail. It looks as if President Barack Obama will rally enough Senate Democrats to sustain his veto should legislators vote down the agreement.