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Opinion: Trump populism reminiscent of Chavez

The conventional wisdom is that Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is a populist clown who won’t be able to set the Republican agenda or capture the Republican nomination, much less win the 2016 presidential election. But the conventional wisdom has often been wrong.

Opinion: ‘Reaganism’ invoked in varied forms

Republicans are embracing many versions of Reaganism The Republican Party has a bigger problem than Donald Trump: It hasn’t figured out what it wants to be.

Opinion: Cuba event should include dissidents

If Secretary of State John Kerry is serious when he claims that the Obama administration will keep pressing for democracy and human rights in Cuba, this is the least he should do: invite Cuban dissidents to the flag-raising ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Havana when he travels for the historic event there on Aug. 14.

Opinion: Clinton setting her own campaign pace

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton appears to be making progress toward regaining control of her campaign after three months in which questions about the past have sometimes overshadowed her focus on the future.

Opinion: Some Israelis support deal with Iran

Israeli officials are orchestrating a campaign to have Congress scuttle the Iran nuclear deal by voting it down and overriding a promised presidential veto. Republican presidential hopefuls have jumped on the bandwagon, denouncing the deal as if it heralded the end of the world.

Opinion: Lift finance limits but identify donors

A remarkable thing just happened in the chaotic race for the Republican presidential nomination, and it wasn’t the rise of Donald Trump. It was the impressive numbers reported for the first stage of the GOP’s “money primary”: the competition to raise the hundreds of millions of dollars a White House campaign requires.

Opinion: Iran’s reaction to pact uncertain

Here’s one of the questions that worry both critics and supporters of the Iran deal: Will it encourage Tehran to make further mischief in the Middle East?

Opinion: Pope recognizes faith as concern for all

Last week, Pope Francis went to South America. And, as has become routine for this pope, he upset some people. In addresses to the faithful, he offered a bare-knuckles critique of the excesses of capitalism. While conceding the need for economic growth, the pontiff excoriated a model that concentrates wealth at the top and leaves the poor to scramble for the remains.

Opinion: Pope Francis could disappoint in Ecuador

The biggest question about Pope Francis’ visit to Ecuador, which may also give us a hint of what he’ll say when he travels to Cuba in September, is whether he will criticize one of the worst violators of freedom of the press in the hemisphere. Unfortunately, there are widespread fears that he won’t.

Opinion: EU must rethink refugee policies

When July Fourth rolls around, I always think of my grandparents, who emigrated to the “land of the free” from Russia, which undoubtedly saved their lives and enabled mine. Needless to say, I believe immigrants are a source of America’s strength.