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Opinion: American pessimism is nothing new

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who’s running for the Republican presidential nomination, issued a stark warning recently. “Today, for the first time in history, a majority of Americans believe that our kids will have a worse life than we do,” Cruz told conservatives in South Carolina. “That has never been true in the history of America until this instant, right now — maybe the most un-American idea you can imagine.”

Opinion: Enough blame for ISIS to go around

On May 23, 2003, I attended the Baghdad news conference at which the U.S. viceroy, Paul Bremer, announced he was dissolving the Iraqi army. I thought of that day when I read of Wednesday’s confrontation between 19-year-old student Ivy Dietrich and Jeb Bush, who had been blaming President Obama for the rise of the jihadis. She told the former Florida governor, “Your brother created ISIS.”

Opinion: ACA now a sturdy 5-year-old

After a rough incubation, birth and infancy, the Affordable Care Act is a sturdy 5-year-old, showing increasing signs of achievement and acceptance. But growth could come to a sudden halt if the Supreme Court throws out the subsidies that enable more than 8 million Americans to pay their health insurance.

Opinion: Wreck highlights infrastructure needs

Regardless of any human error, it didn’t have to happen. That’s the takeaway from the Amtrak 188 catastrophe. Even if evidence suggests that the engineer caused the train to travel 106 mph in a 50 mph zone, technology has existed for years that could have prevented this accident. But like so much of our needed infrastructure repairs, it’ll be a day late and dollar short.

Opinion: Latin America’s education innovation

Here’s an interesting innovation that is taking place in Latin America: A company is paying for the college education of thousands of students in exchange for their commitment to pay back a small percentage of their salaries when — and if — they get a job.

Opinion: Pacific deal could hurt Latin America

When President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met in Washington last week to discuss creating the world’s biggest trade bloc with 10 other Pacific Rim nations, most Latin American countries didn’t pay any attention. But they should have.

Opinion: Help Sunnis take on Islamic State

When Islamic State jihadis poured into Iraq from Syria in June and attacked Sheikh Abdullah al-Yawar’s compound, he urged the Iraqi government to fly weapons to a nearby airfield so his Sunni tribesmen could hit back.

Opinion: Is Bush too reasonable for GOP?

For a Republican who once called himself a “head-banging conservative,” Jeb Bush has said some surprisingly nice things about President Obama lately. He endorsed Obama’s proposed trade deal with Asia. He praised Obama’s tough policies on terrorism, including the National Security Agency’s collection of bulk data. He called on balky Republicans in Congress to confirm Obama’s new attorney general, Loretta Lynch. He even applauded Obama for tightening sanctions on Iran, although he also criticized the president for making concessions in nuclear negotiations.

Opinion: U.S. in dire need of election reform

Let’s take a poll. All those who believe there is a dire need for election reform in this country please hold up your hands. I see, nearly 100 percent. Now do the same if you do not believe that such an overhaul, including significant limits on time and money will ever take place — at least in your lifetime. Hmm. A huge majority for “all those of little faith.”

Opinion: Pope will have unusual clout in Cuba

When Pope Francis goes to Cuba in September, he will have a larger-than-usual influence over the Cuban government: He has been a champion of dialogue with the island’s regime and strong critic of the U.S. trade embargo since he authored a little-known book on Cuba in 1998.