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Opinion: Massacre should motivate Pakistan

Pakistanis, and sympathizers the world over, are mourning the Taliban’s horrific massacre of at least 132 schoolchildren and 13 staff in a crowded school in Peshawar.

Opinion: U.S.-Cuba shift may not be ‘historic’

While President Barack Obama’s announcement Wednesday that he will normalize relations with Cuba is the biggest diplomatic breakthrough with the island after six decades of hostilities, his speech may have been less “historic” than he portrayed it, according to numerous U.S. congressional sources and Cuba experts.

Opinion: Bipartisanship not always pretty

The trillion-dollar spending bill that the House of Representatives passed last week had something for everyone to hate. But it was still a step, however awkward, toward making the United States governable again.

Opinion: Iraq minorities plead for help

An Illinois couple’s record-setting gift will have a lasting impact on Kansas University students.

In August, President Obama authorized air strikes to prevent the Islamic State from carrying out a genocidal slaughter of Iraq’s Yazidi minority, tens of thousands of whom had fled their besieged city and villages into barren mountains.

Opinion: Interim agreement buys time in Iran

Some of the world’s leading diplomats, including Secretary of State John F. Kerry, worked right up until their self-imposed deadline of Nov. 24 trying to reach agreement with Iran on limits to that country’s nuclear program.

Opinion: Election won’t ease GOP tensions

After November’s midterm election, polls found that most Americans wanted their members of Congress to seek compromise — anything to end the gridlock that has plagued Washington. An NBC-Wall Street Journal survey found that even among Republicans, more favor compromise over intransigence. Four years ago, only 27 percent of GOP voters were in the compromise camp; now 49 percent are, while just 45 percent want their legislators to stand firm.

Opinion: Grassroots effort helps Afghan women

At a time when most foreign news is unremittingly grim, I have a good-news story to tell — about the first women-only restaurant in western Afghanistan, called the Scranton Restaurant. That name reflects the fact that the restaurant is a joint project of a noted woman activist in Herat, Afghanistan, and her counterparts in Scranton, Pa., who raised $20,000 to get the restaurant started. The Scranton Restaurant is a rare place where Afghan women, young and old, can socialize outside their homes in safety.

Opinion: Assessing keys to ‘16 presidential race

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb’s decision to become the first of an expected dozen or more candidates forming presidential exploratory committees provides a good excuse to start considering 2016.

Opinion: Politics hampers ISIS strategy

If there was ever an issue that required politics to stop at the water’s edge, it’s the fight against ISIS. With its Mideast land grab, its growing army of Western volunteers, and its global aspirations, ISIS threatens U.S. security interests and must be confronted.

Opinion: Climate change as a moral issue

For Sen. Mitch McConnell and other GOP critics, regulation of carbon emissions is a pocketbook issue where constituents’ short-term interests must prevail. They reject or minimize the arguments of leading scientists that such emissions are directly linked to global warming and climate change and could have catastrophic long-term consequences.