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Opinion: Mexico wall an $8 billion hoax

For the first time, Donald Trump has disclosed that his proposed wall on the border with Mexico — which has become one of the centerpieces of his campaign — would cost about $8 billion. If so, it would be the biggest waste of money in recent history, even if it were paid for in Mexican pesos.

Opinion: Sanders can’t duck foreign policy

A recent NBC News poll found that only 11 percent of Democrats consider terrorism the most important issue in the presidential race, and only 5 percent cite foreign policy overall.

Opinion: Pope should focus on immigration

When he visits Mexico in mid-February, Pope Francis, who has made the plight of migrants one of the central themes of his papacy, should have no mercy with Republican hopeful Donald Trump.

Opinion: Tahrir Square revolution isn’t over

Jan. 25 marked the fifth anniversary of the Tahrir Square revolt — an uprising organized by young Facebook-savvy Egyptians that came to symbolize the Arab Spring.

Opinion: Cruz has focused campaign in Iowa

On a frigid, gray morning, Rafael Cruz’s unnamed target was as evident as his message touting his son’s principles as he addressed some two dozen Ted Cruz supporters in a basement room of a converted livery stable.

Opinion: Technology changing job market

The headlines from last week’s World Economic Forum meeting attended by 40 heads of government in Davos, Switzerland, focused on Islamic State terrorism, collapsing oil prices and Europe’s refugee crisis. But what I found most interesting — and under-reported — was the group’s forecast that robots will kill more than five million jobs over the next five years.

Opinion: Iran pact has spurred little change

Now that the Iran nuclear deal is a done deal, what next? More quickly than expected, Tehran has dismantled large portions of its nuclear program, leading to the lifting of the sanctions imposed on its nuclear activities. Contrary to the critics, this deal does make the Mideast safer — for now.

Opinion: Cuba wary of impending change

At the darkened Delirio Habanero nightclub on top of Havana’s National Theatre, a group of young Cubans listen to an all-girl band, dressed in micro miniskirts, belt out salsa lyrics. Through the windows behind them, the glowing faces of revolutionary heroes Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos shine down, outlined in neon several stories high on the facades of neighboring buildings. The young people are too busy texting to take any notice, even as the older folks dance.

Opinion: Obama speech offers little comfort

Here’s the message President Barack Obama was promoting on foreign policy in his last State of the Union speech Tuesday: “Don’t worry, things are better than you think.”

Opinion: Argentina president off to good start

After spending a week in Argentina, I concluded that there are six reasons why President Mauricio Macri — who took office a month ago after 12 years of radical populist governments — is off to a very good start.