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Opinion: Arab leaders look inward for change

Last weekend marked the fourth anniversary of Egypt’s Tahrir Square uprising, which became the hallmark of the Arab Spring. As though to mock those long-dead hopes, Yemen and Libya have collapsed, Syria lies in ruins, and much of Syria and Iraq are occupied by ISIS. Several youthful leaders of the Jan. 25, 2011, revolt have been jailed (while the Egyptian leader they ousted, Hosni Mubarak, was just freed from prison). The death last week of Saudi Arabian King Abdullah — whose successor is also old and ill — adds to the turmoil in the region.

Opinion: Community college a good investment

President Obama’s announcement of his proposal to provide free tuition for 9 million community college students coincides with the start of the spring semester at the community college where I’ve been teaching for 27 years. Naturally, this proposal is of interest to me and my colleagues, as well as to our students, many of whom struggle each semester to scrape together enough money for tuition, fees, books and living expenses.

Opinion: Latin America economies struggle

Economists have been predicting for several months that Latin America will have a so-so year in 2015, but new projections from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund suggest that it may be worse than originally expected.

Opinion: Higher ed faces new struggles

Higher education in America is at a crossroads of two compelling, but competing, forces – the traditional approach versus a new reality. Traditional four-year institutions are motivated to keep the “college experience” as the defining element for students, while students today are seeking colleges that are affordable and provide the knowledge and technical skills leading to a rewarding career.

Opinion: Radical Islam already curbing free speech

Wednesday’s shocking terror attack on the French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo should finally awaken Western publics to the threat posed by radical Islamists to free speech worldwide.

Opinion: Innovative steps for Latin America

Here are a few little-noticed actions that experts agree Latin American countries should take in 2015 to improve their innovation, science, technology and education systems, which are rated very poorly in international rankings and are key to their economic future.

Opinion: America still struggling with the ‘60s

The powerful film “Selma” is stirring audiences across the country with its compelling portrayal of Martin Luther King Jr. and the heroism of ordinary African Americans as they demanded the right to vote a half century ago.

Opinion: Global glimmers of hope for 2015

2014 was such a grim year for foreign policy that I’d like to write a column predicting things will get better next year.

Opinion: Tax could open college opportunities

Nothing is more central to the American dream than equality of opportunity. In today’s world, that usually means a college education — and, for most families, the challenge of paying for it. Congress could help meet that challenge. It could pass a financial transaction tax and dedicate the proceeds to providing equal opportunity for college.

Opinion: Latin America in search of leadership

The start of 2015 finds Latin America turned into a leaderless region, in which the countries with the biggest political clout in recent years — Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico — have been significantly weakened by domestic troubles.