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Opinion: Kansas killings offer reminder of KKK hate

The news that a former grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan is suspected of shooting and killing three people near Jewish community centers in Kansas seems at first glance like a disparaged past flaring briefly into the present. Americans like to imagine that the KKK belongs to a long-gone South and anti-Semitism to a distant 20th century. Sadly, this better reflects a naive faith in the nation’s history of religious tolerance than the realities experienced by many religious minorities. Although the KKK has evolved and its membership has dwindled, it remains part of an American legacy of religious intolerance.

Opinion: West shouldn’t underestimate Putin

Despite Russia’s Crimean land grab and its massing of troops on the Ukrainian border, Western leaders still refuse to recognize the mind-set of Vladimir Putin.

Opinion: U.S. must back diplomacy with power

Dear President Obama: Last week, you were super-busy in Europe, warning Vladimir Putin not to invade eastern Ukraine.

Opinion: West should call Putin’s energy bluff

George Santayana famously said, “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.” But when it comes to Russia and Ukraine, Western leaders can’t seem to decide which century’s lessons they should take to heart.

Opinion: Russia moving into Americas?

When Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said three weeks ago that Moscow is seeking to establish a military presence in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, many of us dismissed it as a private comment by a top official who may have had one vodka too many.

Opinion: What is alternative to two-state plan?

The prospects for reaching an Israeli-Palestinian deal by John Kerry’s April 29 deadline are about as unlikely as Vladimir Putin’s giving up Crimea.

Opinion: Humanitarian strategy needed in Syria

The Russian invasion of Ukraine should finally end the administration’s fantasy that Moscow will help stop the war in Syria.

Opinion: Ties to Cuba will hurt Mexico

There are many theories about why Mexico is cozying up to Cuba’s dictatorship and looking the other way as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro brutally represses street demonstrations, but I think the most credible one can be summed up in one word: fear.

Opinion: Ukraine raises complex questions

Last week, I wrote that the Ukraine crisis did not mean the return of the Cold War. Since then, I’ve received e-mails from readers confused about what it does mean and why it should matter to Americans.

Opinion: Police are key to Mexican drug war

The recent capture of the world’s biggest drug kingpin, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was heralded across the world as a major triumph over the drug cartels, but the fact that it was carried out by the Mexican navy — rather than by police forces — should make us skeptical about its significance.