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Opinion: Kansas’ post-truth fail goes national

To prepare for life in post-truth America, just study the example of Kansas politics since 2010, when Gov. Sam Brownback and Secretary of State Kris Kobach were elected.

Opinion: Bipartisanship required for finance fix

When the Kansas Legislature convenes in January, one-third of the seats will be filled by someone new. The election results show that many voters recognized the serious financial trouble in Kansas and now expect a change in direction. But will they get it?

Opinion: We must dramatically increase voter turnout

Given the bitter and divisive nature of the recent presidential campaign, it is hardly surprising that its aftermath is filled with acrimonious and bitter recriminations. But one large group of critically important Americans has remained relatively unnoticed and unscathed in what promises to be an ongoing bitter political and ideological war.

Opinion: Judicial independence under attack

Judicial merit selection was first adopted right here, in this part of the country. Will its death begin here as well, in this year’s Kansas judicial retention elections?

Opinion: Trump is Brownback on national scale

Sam Brownback’s approval ratings as governor of Kansas are dismally low, yet polls show Donald Trump winning Kansas. How can both of those things be true? It does not make sense for Kansans to boo Brownback but vote for Trump.

Opinion: Medicaid change starts with Legislature

Kansas’s hardline opposition to Medicaid expansion has to change, if health care and health outcomes are going to grow in rural Kansas. Given the governor’s position, and a bill (HB 2552) passed in 2014, that change will have to begin in the Kansas Legislature.

Opinion: Brownback coalition an utter failure

With the approach of upcoming elections I am reminded of a private conversation five years ago with Gov. Sam Brownback’s chief of staff, who mused: “The real issue is whether conservatives can govern.” At that time I held out hope that the relatively new governor and his legislative allies could govern effectively. I was wrong.

Opinion: Kansans, are you better off now?

Debating incumbent Jimmy Carter in 1980, Ronald Reagan pulled one of his classic moves. Reagan summed up decades of political science research with a pithy, homespun-sounding question.

Opinion: Brownback dealing in dreams, not reality

Recently, Gov. Sam Brownback held a press conference to invite Kansans to email him ideas for a new school finance formula. That sounds nice. Can anything be wrong with asking people for input? Well, actually, quite a bit.

Opinion: Brownback’s economy spin wearing thin

For six years Gov. Sam Brownback has put his spin on the state of the state’s fiscal condition. Perhaps we have all been too dense to appreciate the underlying grand strategy of this supremely skilled budgeteer and his legislative allies who knew in advance that planning both pleasure (tax reduction) and pain (spending cuts) at the same time would awaken the beast in the body politic.