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Opinion: Open Records Act brings sunshine to Kansas

Advocates of open government have good reason to celebrate this Sunshine Week, a national celebration of government transparency, which runs from Sunday, March 12, through today, March 18. In Kansas, the week also represents an annual commemoration of the Kansas Sunshine Laws, which primarily include the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) and the Kansas Open Meetings Act (KOMA). Under these laws, members of the public can exercise their right to request access to government records and meetings to learn how public officials exercise their power.

Opinion: Name your state budget cuts now

Kansas budget cutters: The time has come to get real and very specific. Which expenses can be cut to balance the state budget? What’s your plan? Put out the details so that Kansans can judge the best course of action.

Opinion: Senate leadership needed on tax bill

Undoubtedly many informed Kansans were upset by events in the Kansas Capitol last week.

Opinion: Trump’s message is exceptional fear

Donald Trump’s inaugural speech was a message of fear: Fear Isis, fear China, fear Mexicans, be afraid in both public restrooms and private bedrooms, and be afraid on city streets.

Opinion: Strong relationships with teachers

The nation is painfully polarized on many issues and along many lines (e.g., by political party, geography, education, income, race). But between and among a select number of groups, not all is negative. One example of a nuanced relationship is between teachers and the general public.

Opinion: Brownback obstructs will of majority

In a flurry of statehouse drama rarely seen, Gov. Sam Brownback vetoed the monumental tax bill Wednesday morning; within a couple hours the House overrode the veto, and that afternoon the Senate narrowly sustained the governor.

Opinion: A Legislature worthy of the Capitol

The Kansas State Capitol is a beautiful, breath-taking building. From the solid limestone foundation to the top of the dome, this structure exudes a solid feeling of strength and confidence, captured in our motto: “To the stars, through difficulties.”

Opinion: Will GOP end love affair with deficits?

Republicans were once married to balanced budgets and conservative money management, but now they have run off with something new: the seduction of tax cuts and budget deficits. They try to cover up the truth about their new relationship by cooking the books. Kansas’ own Dwight Eisenhower would be appalled.

Opinion: Tired of alternative facts? Go to a museum

Alternative reality — or “alternative facts” — used to be the stuff of science fiction. Now it’s the stuff of everyday fiction.

Opinion: Repeal tax loophole and much more

The LLC loophole has come to epitomize budget-busting tax policy in Kansas. It appears that a majority in the new Kansas Legislature know the loophole must be repealed and fully intend to end it.