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Opinion: Republicans in the Trump Era

As Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th U.S. president, you and all your congressional colleagues have a solemn obligation to support your co-equal branch of government.

Opinion: Some predictions for the coming year

After 2016’s wild ride in politics, science, sports, and entertainment, no one in their right mind would dare venture predictions for 2017. Here goes.

Opinion: Say no to Brownback’s disastrous ideas

Gov. Sam Brownback has known for months that the state budget was shockingly out of balance. He also knew he had authority to order budget cuts and bring spending in line with revenues. His failure to act has allowed red ink to balloon to $350 million this year, plus another $580 million in the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Opinion: Mods, Dems and deals in Kansas

Three-party politics is back in Kansas. The parties consist of moderate Republicans, conservative Republicans and Democrats. Deals being made and leadership changes afoot all point to a new era — but the state’s problems remain daunting.

Opinion: A reminiscence on dinner with Castro

Now that Fidel Castro has passed, I thought it appropriate to tell a bizarre story about him and a trip to Cuba. Some years ago, 1999 to be exact, the Baltimore Orioles with their owner, Peter Angelos, ventured to Havana to challenge the Cuban national baseball team in an exhibition game.

Opinion: Happy New Year! Now fix the budget

For Kansas legislators, the new year may not feel all that happy. Veterans and first-termers alike have to be wondering why they ran for the job. In the upcoming legislative session, they face a daunting task, brimming with political risk.

Opinion: A wish list for the people of Kansas

Christmas is a tough season for a political columnist. We are a grumpy bunch who find a lot to grouse about. This season, however, should bring good cheer and well wishes for our fellow humans. Herewith an effort to put a little cheer into a meager Kansas political Christmas.

Opinion: A New Year’s resolution for fiscal sanity

In the spirit of the season this retired professor offers Kansas state lawmakers and their newly elected leaders a resolution for starting down the path to fiscal sanity.

Opinion: Legislating must be taken seriously

This past Monday, Kansas legislators elected their leaders for 2017-8. We should all wish them good luck, because they will need it.

Opinion: Kansas’ post-truth fail goes national

To prepare for life in post-truth America, just study the example of Kansas politics since 2010, when Gov. Sam Brownback and Secretary of State Kris Kobach were elected.