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Opinion: Democrats, forget strategic voting

This year confronts Kansas Democrats with something new: a primary challenge in the governor’s race.

Opinion: Trouble coming for Kansas highways

Not many Kansans wake up in the morning worrying about the financial health of the state highway fund. Understandably so. But hit a big pothole on the way to work or drive a narrow, roughed-up, congested roadway, and highway conditions immediately become a concern. Trouble is, by then it’s too late. Crummy roads mean the state’s highway fund failed much earlier.

Opinion: Kansas GOP is busy punching holes

Like moths, miners and marksmen, our Republican Legislature has been busy making holes this session. Voters should be paying attention.

Opinion: 3 reasons Americans should be worried

Seventy years ago, in response to the threat of a nuclear war, a group of scientists created the Doomsday Clock, a symbol to represent the likelihood of a man-made disaster.

Opinion: Independent Orman has an opening

Kansas entrepreneur Greg Orman formally launched his independent bid for governor recently and in doing so is challenging the two-party structure that has dominated U.S. politics for well over a century.

Opinion: Some rays of hope shine after a tough year

It’s the beginning of a new year and time to take annual stock of the past, present and future. By almost any standard, 2017 was a tough 12 months for most Americans.

Opinion: In the news, a tale of two Emporias

A century ago, William Allen White made Emporia famous because it embodied the can-do spirit of small town America.

Opinion: Can’t kick Kansas around anymore

Hello, United States. Hello from Kansas. It appears that Congress and the president are about to enact a Kansas-style income tax cut for the nation. Good luck with that.

Opinion: Stop funding flawed voter verification

Next month the 2018 Kansas Legislature begins its annual session. It will face a host of major issues, starting with school finance and including constructing a new prison, funding KPERS and addressing the endemic secrecy within state government, comprehensively documented by the Kansas City Star.

Your Turn: Ensure a sustainable future with public transit

Friends of Lawrence Transit, a group of Lawrence citizens, supports the renewal of a sales tax of .2 percent for public transportation. A special question election will be held with the general Lawrence election on Nov. 7. A “Yes” vote on Question Number One will provide funding for operating the Lawrence Transit System, known as The T, for 10 years, beginning April 1, 2019. The current .2 percent tax has funded transit operations since 2009.