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Opinion: Obama must clear hurdles on Iran

Long after Barack Obama has left office, the newly minted nuclear agreement with Iran will stand as one of the defining moments of his presidency, along with such successes as the Affordable Care Act and unsolved problems including the rise of terrorist threats after the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.

Opinion: Greek deal and power in Europe

When the financial details are stripped away, the Greek bailout deal reached early Monday is really a reassertion of the core idea of post-war Europe — which is that France and Germany will stick together.

Opinion: Athletic unionization is not the answer

I am adamantly opposed to the unionization of college athletics. As one who served as a university chancellor/president for 22 years, I ask these unavoidable questions.

Opinion: Football’s grip worries university leaders

Many university presidents/chancellors think the current football climate has a financial grip on their campuses and that change is unlikely anytime soon. By Gene A. Budig

Opinion: Taxes pose human question

As the Kansas Legislature continues to debate whether to cut taxes and government services further, I have been thinking about the purpose of government at the state level. By Mike Hoeflich

Opinion: Innovative leaders boost universities

Great leadership requires a bold and compelling vision, and the ability to make that vision a reality.

Opinion: Renewed draft could curb gun violence

In the light of the massacre at Newtown, Conn., and the murder of two firemen in Webster, N.Y., national attention has again turned to how we can reduce gun violence in America. The responses have been predictable.

Opinion: Medical crisis yields new respect, friends

One thing I have learned is a keener appreciation for the miracles of modern medicine. Above all, I’m in awe of Lawrence’s outstanding hospital.

Opinion: Specter was independent survivor

This week, the Senate will pause to mark the passing of one who in every sense of the word was one of its own: Arlen Specter, veteran of five terms, dead this week at 82. What senators do when they are alive matters and Specter, never adored but never ignored, accomplished far more than most.

Opinion: Will Pakistan shooting spur change?

As 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai fights for life, I have a question: Will this atrocity finally push Pakistan’s military and ISI intelligence agency to reject the militancy that pervades the country? Will Pakistan’s leaders acknowledge they can’t fight certain Taliban groups while providing a haven for other groups that are useful tools against their archenemy, India?