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Tease photo

Daddy Rules: Dogs of a certain age remind us that one day, our pups will pass us up

I explain to my kids that this will be our dog Claudius' 15th Christmas. It’s difficult to make them understand how old he is, but anyone can tell he is ancient just from his frosty face.

For end-stage cancer patients, hospice can ease final transition

Despite advances in medicine, there is no absolute cure for cancer. Hospice care aims to help terminal patients maintain dignity and quality of life, and to help their families cope with grief.

Lawrence police aim to have all officers complete Crisis Intervention Training to address those in mental health crises

When 18-year-old Joseph Jennings, of Ottawa, was fatally shot by Ottawa police officers in August 2014, it was the end of a life riddled with seizures, migraines and depression, Jennings' aunt, Brandy Smith, said after the incident. In Lawrence, police are taking strides to de-escalate situations before use of force becomes necessary. Lawrence Police Chief Tarik Khatib plans, within three years, to have all Lawrence officers complete 40 hours of Crisis Intervention Training to learn how to handle encounters with people in mental health crises. By Caitlin Doornbos

Managing the crazy: Some tips on parenting 2 kids under 2

Monaco has royal parents of newborn twins, and Britain's Kate and William will soon have a second little prince, but will parenting two kids under 2 be a soul-draining, tear-inducing experience for them like it sometimes is for the rest of us? Unlikely, but their cushy highnesses aren't completely immune.

Balance in love, faith needed

My boyfriend and I have built a great relationship over our freshman year in college, but his relationship with his parents is equally strong.

Spring cleaning checklist by room

With vibrant flowers making their debut and warm rays of sun blanketing our yards, it’s time to give our homes the refresher it needs with some spring cleaning. Tackling a whole home’s worth of tasks can be a bit overwhelming, but cutting it down into a list of must-hit tasks, you’ll find taking it one room at a time is less demanding than you think. Head to the store and rack up necessary supplies (or use household items), put on your rubber gloves, and get set to clean! By Nadia Imafidon

CrossFit Lawrence sends kids over boulders, up climbing walls

Inside an east Lawrence warehouse on Saturday mornings, recess takes on several forms. By Stephen Montemayor

Bite Sighs: the Yule Log cake revisited

A new year is just around the corner; a fresh start full of amazing possibilities. In a fit of nostalgia, I decided to take a look at my very first Bite Sighs recipe: a Yule Log cake.

Try some mincemeat mini pies, a take on a holiday classic

Mention mincemeat pie in a crowd, and you’ll get the full spectrum of reactions.

Off the Beaten Plate: Brusco’s Deluxe at Johnny Brusco’s

For those with an empire state of mind, yet another New-York style pizzeria has hit Lawrence.

Baldwin Maple Leaf Festival

The Baldwin Maple Leaf Festival kicked off on Saturday in Baldwin City with more than 30 venders and an expected 30,000 people for the weekend event.

Bikers take part in the 37th annual ABATE Rally

Hundreds of motorcycles descended on Paradise Point at Perry Lake for the 37th annual ABATE motorcycle rally.

Masters of the barbecue pit

Truebud BBQ team members talk about cooking 'cue. The team has been traveling to barbecue competitions nearly every weekend since February, which — coupled with their meticulously smoked and seasoned meat — has helped propel them to the top 10 in the Kansas City Barbeque Society's Team of the Year points chase standings.

NCI announcement

The University of Kansas Medical Center held a press conference at the Roberts E. Hemenway Life Sciences Invocation Center to announce the National Cancer Center designation.

Art therapeutic for Parkinson's patient

McLouth resident Sherry Leftwich enjoys artwork and says it helps with her Parkinson's disease.

Ruth Perry remembers

Ruth Perry, who celebrates her 100th birthday Jan. 19, recalls her earliest memory and her first teaching job in isolated northwest Wyoming more than 80 years ago.

First baby of 2012

Lawrence couple Tyler and Dana Cummins introduce their first child, Claire Jamison Cummins. Claire, born at 6:23 a.m. at Lawrence Memorial Hospital on Jan. 1, was the first baby born at the hospital in 2012. The couple says earning that distinction has been a fun experience that's only added to their excitement.

Doug Compton on 'The 901 Building'

Doug Compton, president of First Management Inc., talks about his seven-story apartment/retail/office project at Ninth and New Hampshire streets. The building will house a health club and office space, along with 55 apartments.

The old Poehler building to be apartments

Developer Tony Krsnich plans to turn the old Poehler building on East Eighth Street into about 50 apartments.

Living with Mental Illness: Melinda Stofferahn

Lawrence resident Melinda Stofferahn, talks about her mental illness hand how she deals with it.