Butterflies, band tours and fictitious Hispanics

¢ Orley “Chip” Taylor, the KU professor who directs the Monarch Watch, again shows up in places around the world in articles about butterflies. This time it’s at DailyIndia.com, in an article by United Press International._U.S. scientists say an unusually large number of Monarch butterflies are expected to make their way south to their winter home in Mexico this season._ _”The temperatures were perfect, the moisture conditions were perfect. It was neither too hot, nor too dry, nor too rainy or too windy,” said Orley Taylor, a University of Kansas professor of ecology and evolutionary biology._¢ Lawrence gets a mention in this Austin Chronicle story about band Moonlight Towers._They don’t play it in Los Angeles because the Silverlake Lounge doesn’t have air conditioning – neither does Lawrence’s Tap Room – and, reckons Galloway, “I probably would have died.”_¢ Lawrence was used as the subject of a letter in a weekly satirical “Ask a Mexican” column printed in weekly newspapers owned by the New Times group, including the Nashville Scene._I’m interested in hiring day laborers. I plan on feeding them, hydrating them and so forth. Problem is, I couldn’t find them in Lawrence, Kan., where I have a project. Where do I find day laborers in Lawrence? Should I feel good about providing them work or (expletive) about denying an American the job? And how do I ask, “Do you know how to use a chainsaw?”_