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Realignment Today, 5:03 p.m. - Regents at OU, UT each set Monday meetings


5:03 p.m. Update:

Just a quick note about a couple of Tweets from Orangebloods.com's Chip Brown that just popped up.

First: Brown says that the Monday meetings scheduled at both Texas and Oklahoma will be about authorizing each school's presidents to handle negotiations for realignment. That would open the door for things to move a little quicker here.

Second: Brown says that his sources indicate that OU is still very much interested in and focused on joining the Pac-12.

Nothing Earth-shattering but good info nonetheless.

Stay tuned...

3:53 p.m. Update:

Just a quick update here. Things remain relatively quiet — at least in terms of public comments — but this Tweet surfaced from Aaron Dickens, who covers Texas Tech, about 20 minutes ago.

Texas has scheduled a special BOR meeting for 3 pm Monday; conference affiliation is on the agenda.


With Oklahoma's regents scheduled to meet Monday as well, it looks like we may finally learn some real stuff about what's going on with two of the most important cogs in all of this mess in the near future.

Of course, at this point, "conference affiliation" or "conference alignment" could be an agenda item at 50 schools across the country. If you're a BCS school and you haven't talked much about this yet, it would be a good idea to start discussing it. You never know how quickly things can turn.

In other areas of this story, I just hooked up with some Georgia Tech administrators to talk about conference realignment and I learned a couple of interesting and relevant facts.

• The talk in ACC country is as hot as anywhere and many down here believe the superconference scenario is about to be upon us. Not surprisingly, they tend to believe that, when it goes down, the four conferences that house the cream of the crop will be the Pac-16, Big Ten, SEC and some combo of the Big East and ACC. The general consensus down here is that the Big 12 is dead.

• Speaking more about who might go where, one person pointed out a precedent from ACC country that spoke to the future for KU and K-State. Years ago, when the ACC expanded, it was Virginia that got Virginia Tech into the league. At the time, many in the ACC wanted Syracuse and it is believed that the Orange were interested in joining. Just something to chew on.

• If Georgia Tech were to go anywhere once all this shakes out, it would be the Big Ten. Because of Tech's academic rating, which is much better than more than a few B1G schools, including Nebraska, the Yellow Jackets are an attractive option. Add to that the idea of the Big Ten being able to expand its footprint into the Atlanta market and it's easy to see why that would be a good move for the Big Ten. That said, it's clear that GT is very happy where it is.

That's it for now. Just a couple of nuggets you might find interesting.

Updated wheel -

  1. Big 12 - 32%
  2. Big East - 30%
  3. ACC - 18%
  4. Pac-12 - 12%
  5. Big Ten - 8%

Stay tuned...

1:36 p.m. Update:

Made it to Atlanta and, from the sound and look of things, I didn't miss much while I was in the air.

Just as I suspected, it's been a pretty quiet day in the realignment world so far. I'm expecting it will stay that way for the rest of the day and throughout the evening.

I'll keep my eyes and ears open, though, and will bring updates when available. One piece of information I saw after landing — which I'd hardly call a surprise — was from Chip Brown of Orangebloods.com, who said that UT football coach Mack Brown continues to lobby for the Big 12 to stay together.

I know I've been back and forth on the conference's future the whole time — along with everyone else — but for those who care today feels like a pro-Big 12 day to me.

Quick update on my percentage wheel:

  1. Big 12 - 40%
  2. Big East - 32%
  3. ACC - 11%
  4. Pac-12 - 9%
  5. Big Ten - 8%

For now, here's a good story from SI.com's Seth Davis on where KU stands in the whole deal. It has a real basketball slant to it but it also hits on some harsh realities. I'm not sure all of the information is 100 percent accurate so bear that in mind while you're reading it. Kansas is in better shape than Davis thinks.

To be fair, someone posted this in the comments below but in case not all of you scroll through those regularly, here's the link. Enjoy.


And stay tuned...

8:18 a.m. Update:

It’s early, and there’s not much happening in the world of realignment just yet, but we’re on the way to the airport for Atlanta and I wanted to get something up to give you all a place to discuss the day’s news while we’re en route.

The guess here is that today is going to be quiet. We already know that the Oklahoma board of regents has conference realignment on the agenda for Monday’s meeting. In case you didn’t, here’s the official wording of the agenda item:

The Board of Regents will discuss potential legal ramifications of athletic conference realignment options and/or consider new athletic conference membership and take any appropriate action. An executive session may be proposed pursuant to Section 307B.4 of the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act.

We also know that the Sooners are in Tallahassee this weekend to take on No. 5 Florida State and that, as self-centered as some of the higher ups at OU can seem to be, they’re not going to let anything steal the spotlight from Bob Stoops’ squad’s biggest game of the season.

With that said, today very well may be more about analysis and columns and thoughts and guesses.

Here’s a good one to kick-start the day, from Berry Tramel of The Daily Oklahoman, who says in his latest blog that it may be time for the Sooners to make a play for the SEC, if they really want to get Texas’ attention.


As we continue to wait out OU, it’s amazing to me how many other rumors pop up about other teams headed to other conferences. Texas to the ACC. Florida State and/or West Viriginia to the SEC. Syracuse to the ACC. Georgia Tech to the Big Ten. It’s never-ending. And it strikes me as odd because the whole thing is contingent on what happens in the Big 12.

I know people think this is a weak conference — the last 16 months haven’t done anything to dispel such thoughts — and I know there are thousands of people out there who think this thing is too unstable to survive past the next few weeks. But the Big 12 sure is in a power position right now. It might not be the kind of power that anyone would want to have, but it’s definitely powerful nonetheless.

I’ll try to update one more time before we hop on the plane and then we’ll see what happens when we land at the border of ACC and SEC country. Oh boy!


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