St. Patrick’s Day 2009 A Far Cry From 2008

To the people that put in the hard work and enormous effort to organizing and putting together entries for Lawrence’s St. Patrick Day parade, it really doesn’t matter what the weather is… the show must go on.

Last year’s parade we picked up 1.33″ of rain with a daytime high of 46°. This year, 78° and not a cloud in the sky. Last year, the streets were still lined with eager kids awaiting the plethora of candy (it paid off for the kids that sat through a rain-soaked parade because they got A LOT of candy) while parents avoided the chilly rain the best they could. This year’s parade the streets were packed. Kids and adults alike were enjoying the festivities and rocking to the likes of The Sandbar’s ‘Locomotion’ float (I laughed every time I looked back to see their finely choreographed dance moves).

I glanced back over the records over the last 7 years and found that this year was the warmest.

2009 – 79°

2008 – 46° and 1.33″ Rain

2007 – 56°

2006 – 45°

2005 – 58°

2004 – 62°

2003 – 74°

Bottom line: It is typically cool for the St Patty’s Day parade in Lawrence… but, this year, the Luck ‘O The Irish’ was with us! Time to gear up for next year! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!