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More on the CTE front


Earlier this week we reported on the Lawrence school district's emerging plans for expanding career and technical education, also known as CTE. That report mentioned the possibility of building new facility space to house programs that could be offered by Johnson County or Kansas City, Kan., community colleges.

Rather than building entirely new space, district officials said today that the more likely plan would be to add space at the district's Holcom center, formally known as the Community Connections Center, 2600 W. 25th St., just north of the Holcom Park Recreation Center.

That facility currently houses the district's Community Transition, or "C-Tran," program, which serves students 18-21 who are receiving special education services to help them transition from high school to independent living.

Of course, none of that is final yet. The Board of Education has given itself until the first of the year to nail down exactly how large of a bond issue they'll ask voters to approve and what that money would be used for.


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