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Artest offers Woods some encouragement

December 16, 2009


— Lakers forward Ron Artest gave Tiger Woods his support Tuesday, explaining in a blog post that he has made similar mistakes as the superstar golfer. In a post Tuesday, Artest said, “I can tell you’re a standup guy” while acknowledging his own infidelities. He wrote about having a baby with another woman after having two with his girlfriend, now his wife. Artest also called Woods “the perfect role model for me and my sons for longer than anyone I have known.”

Speaking before the Lakers’ game against the Bulls on Tuesday night, Artest said Woods was there at a time when “I wasn’t a role model for my sons.”

Woods’ image has been in a free fall since he crashed his car into a tree Nov. 27, setting off a public airing of his infidelities and marital problems.


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