Real estate transfers for Sept. 8-14, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Sept. 8-14.

Tuesday, September 8

Danny L. Goger and Sharon L. Goger to Wayne Gottstine and Kelly Rodriguez, 3016 W. 8th St., Lawrence.

LCA Inc. to Akins & Nguyen Family Trust, 746 Lake St., Lawrence.

Charles Whittaker and April Whittaker to Ryan A. Paget and Mindie R. Paget, Vacant Land, Rural.

Jean A. Martin to Amy J. Lee, 601 Louisiana St. 1-7, Lawrence.

Ryan D. Hickman and Miriam L. Hickman to Yen-Ping Chen and Chenxi Liao, 4812 Palm Valley Ct., Lawrence.

George L. Warren and Jennifer B. Warren to David T. Hastings and Amy D. Hastings, 501 Colorado St. Unit #2, Lawrence.

B.W. and Nancy Griffin Living Trust to Christopher J. Hill and Jeralyn R. Hill and Aidan F. Hill, 313 Northwood Ln., Lawrence.

Anthony J. Kisner and Carolyn C. Kisner to Ryan D. Hickman and Miriam L. Hickman, 4600 Woodland Dr., Lawrence.

Preston T. Barr and Katlin Barr to Lacey Thies, 1703 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Kettler Construction, Inc. to Troy Smith, 403 Freemont Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, September 9

William Boring to Kevin Arnold, 517 Lyon St., Lawrence.

Danielle Hugunin and Cody Reich to James T. Trimble, Jr. and Victoria S. Trimble, 217 Landon Ct., Lawrence.

Richard L. Cook and Jennifer A. Cook to James K. Long and Esther Long Revocable Living Trust, 1964 Singing Hills Ct., Lawrence.

Thursday, September 10

Mary L. Fiene and Brenda L. Welsh and Derek Welsh to HFM Enterprises, LLC, 2508 Allison Dr., Lawrence.

Mary L. Fiene and Brenda L. Welsh and Derek Welsh to David Hall and Ashton Hall, 2508 Allison Dr., Lawrence.

Albert E. Wurtz and Jan Wurtz and Larry C. Wurtz and Pam Wurtz and Linda K. Holloway and Greg Holloway to Jerry W. Wurtz, 1311 Locust St., Eudora.

David A. Diener and Un S. P. Diener to Sarah M. McClanahan, 2510 Maverick Ln., Lawrence.

Rechelle R. Bishop to Joseph Jacelone and Marcia S. Jacelone, 1032 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Troy R. Wingert and Jennifer E. Wingert to Stanley Berryman and Judy Berryman, 301 Stockade St., Lawrence.

Dirk A. Hanson and Karen R. Hanson to Nicholas A. Brecheisen and Amanda J. Brecheisen, Vacant Land, Rural.

William L. Harmon and Mary B. Harmon to William L. Harmon, Jr and Sha A. Harmon, 1315 New York St., Lawrence.

Raymond D. Beall and Cynthia K. Beall to Karen Branum, 2038 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Thurlow Development Corporation to Hannah B. Parrish and Jake Christopherson, 1510 W. 25th Ct. F2, Lawrence.

Barbara J. Hunter to Poje Properties LLC, 2417 Lazy Brook Ln., Lawrence.

Friday, September 11

Jeff Price and Cheryl Price to Anthony Robles and Siarra Robles, 3105 W. 28th Cir., Lawrence.

Loretta M. Roth to Zhuoxin Wang and Jingfu Zhang, 4714 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Rick D. Ballinger and Amy L. Ballinger to Grace Townley-Lott, 3505 W. 10th Pl., Lawrence.

Debra L. Walburn to Jacob M. Hetrick, 1646 E. 400 Rd., Rural.

Robert M. McKinney and Joan H. Davis to Grant L. Thorne and Stephanie J. Thorne, 1901 Quail Run St., Lawrence.

Tim D. Cowdin to Benjamin R. Gray, 1414 E. 19th St., Lawrence.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Brian A. Jones and Heather L. Jones, 4200 Wimbledon Dr., Lawrence.

Bryan Dyche and Bethany Dyche to Andrew Roman and Lindsey Roman, 935 Connecticut St., Lawrence.

Stephen Burns and Erica Burns to Mathew W. Schmidt and Austin L. Ice, 1620 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Brady A. Franklin and Ann E. Franklin to Luke Whittemore and Sarah Whittemore, 316 Montrose Cv., Eudora.

WE1929, LLC to Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC, 5117 Cedar Grove Way, Lawrence.

Dirk A. Hanson and Karen R. Hanson to Ricardo G. Colin and Justina L. Gonzalez, Vacant Land, Rural.

WE1929, LLC to Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC, 5201 Cedar Grove Way, Lawrence.

Monday, September 14

Courtney Erps to Lisa Blackwell, 1710 N. 780 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Richard Todd and Joseph Spiess to Richard L. Todd, 2618 Maverick Ln., Lawrence.

Billy Construction, Inc. to Bryan Irvin and Jean Irvin, 513 Lyon St., Lawrence.

Jason Farrant and Shadow Farrant to Blake Stuart and Earllena Stuart, 1043 Lakecrest Rd., Lawrence.

Patrick J. O’Bryon and Marilynn L. O’Bryon to Luke Wagner and Holly Wagner, 302 Providence Rd., Lawrence.

Lucas Waller and Keely Waller to Jacqueline L. Hilton Revocable Trust, 242 Landon Ct., Lawrence.

Curtis Trarbach and Cynthia Trarbach to Anjali Peruman, 312 California St., Lawrence.

Cory J. Berkland and Jodi M. Berkland to Five Revocable Trust, 1117 E. 1264 Rd., Rural.

Antoinette Nelson, Estate Of to Jessica K. Sadler, 2240 Barker Ave., Lawrence.