Real estate transfers for Jan. 29-Feb. 4, 2019

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from Jan. 29 through Feb. 4:

Tuesday, Jan. 29

Jeffrey Flanagan and Tiffany A. Flanagan to Shah S. Alam and Asra Hanif, 2713 Grand Cir., Lawrence.

J & E Property, LLC to Huerter, LLC, 3511/3513 W. 7th Ct., Lawrence.

Diovatax, LLC to Douglas W. Chanay and Judy K. Chanay, 309 Silver Leaf Ln., Baldwin City.

Maggie Wilson to Russell Harding, 800 Baker St. Blk 1, Baldwin City.

Wednesday, Jan. 30

Letha V. Bush, Trustee to Carol L. Allton, 605 Regents St., Lawrence.

William T. Liggett and Kris Liggett to Katlyn O’Connor, 1610 N. 1021 Rd. & and Vacant Land, Rural.

Ivan A. Huntoon, Jr. and Bonnie Butell-Huntoon to Jason Chappelle and Kelli Chappelle, 917 Tauy Woods Dr., Baldwin City.

William Price and Josephine C. Barba to Rick Daniels and Sharon Daniels, 710 N. 5th St., Lawrence.

Silverback Enterprises, LLC to BC Investments South, LLC, 701/705 E. 19th St., Lawrence.

Nomad Properties, LLC to Timothy Hoffman and Abby Hoffman, 2135 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Thursday, Jan. 31

Silverback Enterprises, LLC to BC Investments North, LLC, 702 E. 19th St. and 710 E. 19th St., Lawrence.

William Price and Josephine C. Barba to Michael Schneck and Deann Schneck, 714 N. 5th St., Lawrence.

Magic Interests, LP and Christopher T. Marshall, Trustee to Loren Stone and Andrea Stone, Vacant Land, Rural.

Bonita J. Yoder to Cherry Park Properties, LLC, 746 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Jason Chappelle and Kelli Chappelle to Justice VanHoose and David VanHoose, 222 Dearborn St., Baldwin City.

Cedar Tree LLC to Lawrence Habitat for Humanity, Inc., 1021 Spruce St., Eudora.

Brad Ziegler and Debbie Ziegler to Kyle D. Green and Renee E. Green, 630 E. 582 Rd., Rural.

Michael D. Stevens and Risa K. Stevens to Geoff E. Bednar, 5623 Chimney Rocks Cir., Lawrence.

Friday, Feb. 1

Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, P.A. to J & S Holdings, LLC, 920 W. 4th St., Lawrence.

First State Bank and Trust to Sandra Seiler, 1226 Delaware St. C13, Lawrence.

RSR Holdings, LLC to Richard L. Grant and Kara K. Grant, 1103 Renaissance Dr., Lawrence.

Robert D. Brown and Amy F. Brown to Guadalupe Armendariz and Cynthia I. Armendariz, 705 E. 14th St., Eudora.

Delbert E. Sheldon, Trustee and to Miranda Sloan and Brian Hamrick, 1721 N. 150 Rd. & and Vacant Land, Rural.

Richard M. Stein, Trustee and Mary L. Howe, Trustee to Crimson Blue Properties, LLC and Stewart Contracting, LLC, 1344 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

John P. Holtz and Jamie Holtz to Tyler A. Hicks and Jacky R. Hicks, 304 Sharon Dr., Lawrence.

Kelly Drake and Cheri L. Drake to Kenneth R. Schmidt, III and Stephanie Schmidt, 1702 Lake Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

LMK Homes, LLC to Kent M. Marsh and Amy J. Marsh, Vacant Land, Rural.

William L. Leslie to David W. Kellum and Penny R. Kellum, 625 E. 7th St., Lecompton.

Robbins Acquisitions, Inc. to Samuel R. Huffman, 1017 9th St., Baldwin City.

Ecogene, LLC to Robert D. Brown and Amy F. Brown, 1609 16th Ct., Eudora.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jacqueline Baker, 1029 Cherry St., Eudora.

George B. Temple and Leslie Temple and Ann D. Clark and Bobby Clark to Heather N. Moore, 509 Dakota St., Lawrence.

Bryan T. Gurss to Amelia L. Springer, 402 E. 6th St., Eudora.

Betsy L. Ulrich and Jordan Ulrich to Daniel L. Pullins and Roxanne J. Pullins, 23 E. 400 Rd., Rural.

Kent A. Wingert and Pamela Wingert to Robert B. Peugh, Vacant Lot and 500 Blk Southcrest Dr., Lecompton.

Estate of Joel L.A. Wales to Ryan Gregory, 2 Sharps Ct., Eudora.

Monday, Feb. 4

Leonard D. Sharon, Jr. and Joyce A. Sharon to Robert A. Colerick and Margaret N. Colerick, 1333 E. 19th St., Lawrence.

BLC Properties, LLC to Sims Properties, LLC, 1130 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Britton D. Coppenbarger and Amber R. Coppenbarger to Justin Hamm and Jessica Hamm, 1220 Helen Ct., Eudora.

Jacob Barnes and Denni Barnes to David Marcinko and Brooke Marcinko, 736 North St., Lawrence.

Hickory Properties, LLC to Dana Tharp, 1609 E. 25th Ter., Lawrence.

David N. Broyles, Trustee and Kathryn D. Broyles, Trustee to Jerry W. Tiemann and Marsha A. Tiemann, 1064 N. 150 Rd., Rural.

Amer N. Safadi and Hala Safadi to Sabrina Channel and, 2201 W. 25th St. G, Lawrence.

Amanda Steiner to Walter C. Davenport, 2613 Knollbrook Ct., Lawrence.