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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Apart, charity, harmony, sing, sleep, spring, weep.

I Heard the Robin Sing! by L. Don Oliver

When I was the innocent one, One morning in early ___; No thought of true reason, I heard the Robin _;

He sang his sweet song of life, Of hope, faith, and _; He sang of his everlasting wish, For a world in perfect _;

He sang his precious sweet song, For conflict to never __; Then came the makers of hate, And tore all his dreams __;

There alone upon his perch, While others were at __; In the darkness of night, I heard the Robin _;

Previous Poem.

Holding On! By L. Don Oliver

I came upon a new mown field, And heard the black birds sigh; Tiring of their fruitless search, Away they began to fly;

I walked thru a valley of flowers, Who's buds refused to bloom; All wilting in the same direction, Waiting for their coming doom;

I strolled the desert's heat, And felt the scorching pain; Then came the darkened clouds, With their life refreshing rain;

Holding on to that I believe, Destiny is not mine to propose; Concerned not about that to come, After pausing to smell the rose;


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