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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Explore, feeds, fly, ignore, needs, oak, sky, soak.

Unnatural! By L. Don Oliver

The little humble bumble bee, Upon a lovely rose it __; Then darts to another flower, To provide it what it __;

The tree seed trickles down, Settling upon the ground a ; And when time has passed, It becomes the mighty ;

Two spotted winged mockingbirds, Doing a love dance in the ; Soon both will built their nest, And then watch their offspring ;

It's the intelligent humans, That endeavors to _; Then defies Mother Nature, Whom they choose to __;

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Masters of Deception! (Politicians) L. Don Oliver

Oh! such fools, we modern receivers; Who bask in lies, of the deceivers;

Saying it is, when it isn't so; Off to the bank, they will go;

It's not their money, deceivers care not; As long as it isn't their personal lot;

Football or basketball, which should we choose; Or will we be sated, with dope and booze;


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