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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Booze, Choose, deceivers, go, lot, pot, receivers, so.

Masters of Deception! (Politicians) L. Don Oliver

Oh! such fools, we modern _; Who bask in lies, of the _;

Saying it is, when it isn't ; Off to the bank, they will ;

It's not their money, deceivers care ; As long as it isn't their personal ;

Football or basketball, which should we ___; Or will we be sated, with dope and __;

The poem above is my opinion of the latest passed budget cuts by Congress and the Adminstration.

Previous Poem.

Persistence! By L. Don Oliver

When I was eight years old, As chubby as I could be; Tommy sent word he wanted To meet under the pecan tree;

The sun was shining brightly, It was a very warm day; I discovered very soon, Tommy was not there to play;

He wanted to fight, And I didn't know why; He swung and missed, And I made him cry;

Happening on several occasions, The outcome was the same; He would start the fracas, And I would end the game;

The last time we met, I didn't have my grip; Tommy swung and hit me, Splitting my upper lip;

It wasn't out of anger, It wasn't just to fight; Tommy kept on trying, Until he got it right;


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