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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use you're own words.

Gone, home, home, home, home, home, long, roam, song, zone.

I Am Going Home! By L. Don Oliver

Now I lay me down to sleep, The day has been so _; In Heaven there's a place for me, And I am going _;

Yesterday was but a dream, One that has come and _; Gabriel is sounding his trumpet, And I am going _;

Shed not a tear for me, For loving was my lasting _; The celestial orchestra is playing, And I am going _;

No more pain and misery, Nor lost in a twilight _; The angels are singing songs of joy, And I am going _;

They are crying tears of happiness, Up where sadness will never _; Upon the wings of cherubs, I am going _;

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Train! By L. Don Oliver

We all called him train, No purer person you will find; Every morning we would gather, To watch Train chugging down the line;

Each morning we would pump our fists, Like little children are want to do; He would pull his imaginary whistle, Then go, whoo-whoo, whoo-whoo, whoo-whoo;

Train was a slow learner, And he wasn't too smart, One thing he did possess, Was a big loving heart;

The little money he made, From cleaning horse stalls, To him wasn't a great feat; Each morning he would buy bread, For all the little birds, And the small animals to eat;

One day a small child, Fell into a raging river, Running thorough a biting rain, That cut like a sharpened knife, With no thought of himself, Train leaped into that river, Swam to that little child, And save that baby's life;

Train he was still mortal, He had every thing to live for, And he didn't want to die; The last time he was seen, He was flowing down the river, His hand up, waving goodbye;

They found Train a few days later, There was nothing any one could do; Some say that off in the distance, They heard Train going whoo-whoo, whoo-whoo;

I know that Train is with, God in heaven and that, He is doing just fine; For each morning the angels, All gather to watch Train, Go chugging down the line;


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