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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Die, do, do, eat, feat, find, fine, goodbye, heart, knife, life, line, line, smart, whoo, whoo.

Train! By L. Don Oliver

We all called him train, No purer person you will _; Every morning we would gather, To watch Train chugging down the _;

Each morning we would pump our fists, Like little children are want to ; He would pull his imaginary whistle, Then go, whoo-whoo, whoo-whoo, whoo-__;

Train was a slow learner, And he wasn't too __, One thing he did possess, Was a big loving __;

The little money he made, From cleaning horse stalls, To him wasn't a great _; Each morning he would buy bread, For all the little birds, And the small animals to ;

One day a small child, Fell into a raging river, Running thorough a biting rain, That cut like a sharpened __, With no thought of himself, Train leaped into that river, Swam to that little child, And save that baby's _;

Train he was still mortal, He had every thing to live for, And he didn't want to ; The last time he was seen, He was flowing down the river, His hand up, waving __;

They found Train a few days later, There was nothing any one could ; Some say that off in the distance, They heard Train going whoo-whoo, whoo-__;

I know that Train is with, God in heaven and that, He is doing just _; For each morning the angels, All gather to watch Train, Go chugging down the _;

Previous Poem.

Inequality! By L. Don Oliver

Oh! impoverished child, Where goes thou? Did thou want? Did thou need? I fear thou did;

Oh! prosperous child, Where goes thou? Thou did not want, Thou did not need, Heredity made it so;

Oh! neglected woman, Where goes thou? Did thou eat? Did thou drink? I fear thou did not;

Oh! egotistical man, Where goes thou? Thou did eat, Thou did drink, Thou caused it to be!


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