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Swampyville Political Rhymes; "The American Horse"


The below poem is my version of America's Trojan Horse. In my opinion, this is how many of us out here in the hinterland feel! I pray that I'm reading all the signs wrong; but, I doubt that I am!

The American Horse By L. Don Oliver

By destiny compelled, and in despair; The people grew tired, of their ensnare; Weary of the promises, that were made; And for the bounty, that they had paid; So they said, to those who were in doubt; Together we must vote, the corrupted ones out; The people went forth, in their quest; Of the unresponsive ones, they would divest; The government tide, the people turned; On the very next day, they got burned; By political pry, an object was reared; A steed of monstrous height, soon appeared; It's sides were all masked, in watery clay; There inside, was where the connivers lay; Secretly they plotted, that it was their plan; All the people of the town, they would scam; When the object was raised, above the town; It crushed the walls, and they tumbled down; Off into the distance, the connivers fled; Leaving that town, they had thoroughly bled; And when the event of morning, had dawned; That town's prosperity, had been pawned; All this by design, for political fraud of source; So never trust their promises; nor, admit their horse;


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