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You're the Poet!

Fill in the following banks with the following words or use your own words.

Bring, center, charade, dwell, enter, hell, made, sing.

Cavern of Loneliness! By L. Don Oliver

In the grotto of my being, where I allow none to __; For if I was ever to do so, then I wouldn't be the ___;

Hearing the ghosts of life, and the song that they ; Caring not about the morrow, or for what it will __;

Lost in the echoing silence, in the world of my _; Quick to always blame others, for the mistakes that I've __;

In a cavern of loneliness, where so many choose to __, One small step from reality, and one giant step to _;

The Previous Poem.

The Little Cloud! By L. Don Oliver

There once was a little cloud, Drifting gently through the sky; Along came the angry wind, And tried to make it cry;

The wind blew and blew, But it was all in vain; No matter how it tried, The little cloud refused to rain;

It drifted above the mountains, There it lingered for a while; It cross the flowering plains, Where it began to smile;

It drifted with the ocean breeze, As it traveled upon it's way; Over islands colored in green, And where the dolphins play;

Then came a raging storm, And gave the little cloud a twirl; Soon it returned to it's course, On it's journey around the world;

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