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You're the Poet; "Ship of Memories"


You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words!

Ahead, Albatross, alone, bar, be, bell, cross, dare deck, dread, far, ghosts, home, lashed, light, night, play, posts, respect, sea, splashed, stays, spurn, there, well, yearn.

Ship of Memories! By L. Don Oliver

I see the ships, upon the ; As they race, to cross the ; Full sails, billowing briskly __; No sailors regret, for those who ; Phosphorus waves, gently being _; Flowering Main, pleading to be _; Disciplined crew, upon the _; The valorous ones, that I _; Never an all night in, they're ; With their thoughts, drifting _; Eight peals of the ships _; signalling that, all is _; Lightening flashing, in the ; Scaring the darkness, into __; Flickering lanterns, upon their ; Dancing shadows, of wandering ___; White horses building, a storm ; Ship ahull, awaiting the __; A tempest line, they must ; Upon the bow resting, an _; In the ocean, the dolphins _; Out where, King Neptune ; Following winds, prayers not to __; Homeward bound, every sailor's ; Brave souls, venture out to _; That is who, I wish to ;

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The Miracle of Life! By L. Don Oliver

Thunder chasing the lightening, As it streaks across the sky; Rain falling upon its sustenance, So that it will never die;

The sun's rays dancing through the raindrops, The storms clouds begin to clear; Through the magic that comes from on high, A beautiful rainbow wondrously appears;

Water trickling down the mountain, To the rivers flowing far below; We marvel at the glorious miracle, That Nature has chosen to bestow;

Although we are just mere mortals, Upon this place called earth; We are blessed with the wisdom, To witness its rebirth;



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