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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Appears, Below, Bestow, clear, die, Earth, rebirth, sky.

The Miracle of Life! By L. Don Oliver

Thunder chasing the lightening, As it streaks across the ; Rain falling upon its sustenance, So that it will never ;

The sun's rays dancing through the raindrops, The storms clouds begin to __; Through the magic that comes from on high, A beautiful rainbow suddenly __;

Streams trailing down the mountain, To the rivers gathering far __; We marvel at the occurring miracle, That Nature has chosen to ___;

For we are just mere mortals, Upon this place called __; We are blessed with the wisdom, To witness its __;

Previous Poem!

The Coin! By L. Don Oliver

Hearing the mourning of a train, before it rounded the bend; Standing next to the tracks, waiting for it to descend;

Walking up to the tracks, placing a nickel upon the rail; Raising up to a straight position, then hauling my teen age tail;

The engineer blows his whistle, waves as he goes flying by; hoping to find the errant nickel, I will give it a yeoman's try;

Finally finding the nickel, mashed to a large flat, It was my last nickel, why did I do that;



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