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You're the Poet!


You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Bend, by, descend, flat, rail, tail, that, try.

The Coin! By L. Don Oliver

Hearing the mourning of a train, before it rounded the _; Standing next to the tracks, waiting for it to __;

Walking up to the tracks, placing a nickel upon the _; Raising up to an erect position, then hauling my teen age _;

The engineer blows his whistle, waves as he goes flying ; hoping to find the errant nickel, I will give it a yeoman's __;

Finally finding the nickel, mashed to a large _, It was my last nickel, why did I do _;

Previous Poem!

Sunset of Our Being! By L. Don Oliver

The Sunset of Our Being, It is nearly at it's high; The memories from yesterday, Is tomorrow's sad goodbye;

Dreams dared to be dreamed, Alas, will never come true; Those dreams have been destroyed, By the avarice's cunning hue;

When twilight meets the night, The dreams we use to share; They will all become passe, For those who didn't care;

That day will eventually dawn, The Sunset of Our Being is nigh; When it will be too late to say, Where, Oh! Where, was I;



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