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from London to Lawrence



Thursday morning, my first wake up in Lawrence from my trip to London is a day later than planned because of an emergency landing in Moncton N.B. and what is affectionately called Camp Canada for those of us who enjoyed the local hospitality there for over 8 hours.


after we were let off the plane and released into the 'sterile' side of the terminal, we could see that the large plane had caused quite a stir--the outlining fence was populated by news crews and spectators, the tarmac with fire trucks and security vested personnel. I was just glad to finally move about. A large room was made ready for us with folding chairs against the wall, a truck load of beverages and the promise of pizza ; women with crayons and art pads greeted the travel-weary toddlers among us. Immediately people either opened a paper back or settled onto the floor with a laptop and camera. A kindly den mother type, opened her Duty-Free cookie tins of short bread from Harrods and moved around the room offering a snack of Royal Wedding cookies:

Later, there was pizza--a baggage carrousel full of The Works pizza from some lucky local business owner. and then we settled into a low chatter of talking with folks we would never have met otherwise and will probably never see again. I recognized the woman in front of me in the que to the restroom as the one porting a really big hat box; so I asked, " What is in the hat box?" That began a *show & tell feature of the afternoon.

all in all, quite congenial and i must say American Airlines did right by us. after the rescue plane got us to Chicago at 1:30 AM, they put most of us up in a hotel, gave us vouchers for breakfast and scheduled our connecting flight arrangements.


Jonathan Kealing 6 years, 11 months ago

Glad you were safe. And, interestingly, I'm at a conference in Columbia, Mo., with someone else who was on that flight! Small world.

Jana Rea 6 years, 11 months ago

Oh My Gosh! that must be Meg!! Tell her Hi for me! I so enjoyed chatting with her about her work--could have talked much longer but we were sleep deprived and she had quite a day ahead of her. thanks for your kind words and well wishes, Jonathan. now on to a post about the Royal Wedding--the reason for the trip! best, Jana

Jonathan Kealing 6 years, 11 months ago

It was! And Meg is great. Will pass the hellos.

Cheers, Jonathan

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