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There is a reason that word is well used in the British vocabulary-- the best plan is certain to change; so in London, plan A, B, C and route A, B, and C must be worked out before setting off on an adventure because invariably one of the tube lines is closed upon arriving at the underground station of choice. Overground streets and bus routes are just as important to know. Landmarks are like friends in a foreign land!

internet access is not dependable either, even in a hotel where i pay for it, hence the lag in my blog. I have written 3 times and included many photos about the Royal Wedding day but the internet drops me and i completely lost the posts. I am beginning to think i should wait until i get home on Tuesday to write a summary in the security of my own home. For those of you who have followed this journey, i apologize but keep watching, i will finish the story it just may take me a few days! Cheers!


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