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Time zone confusion


Two watches -- one set to CST and one to Greenwich MeanTime--that helps orient me, but I am still confused about meal time; so we eat when we are hungry here. That averages one meal and several snacks on the go. But coffee is not optional and I was so glad to find Starbucks across from the tube stop.

So while Jane had the hotel breakfast of eggs and fruit, I went to Starbucks and watched the morning commuters with a grande bold in hand. I did not have my camera ready in time to capture grade school children in costumes. Girls in princess garb and boys were indistinguishable royalty. I later learned from Dana, an American friend, mother of two, in honor of the Royal Wedding, today was dress-up day in the English class room.

Speaking of Dana, Jane and I met her at the V&A, and we all enjoyed an exhibit "The Cult of Beauty; The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900." We saw breathtaking originals by Rossetti, Whistler, Watts, Burne-Jones and others and then walked to another favorite restaurant, Quarter Cafe on Brompton where we enjoyed light fare and deep conversation about life changes and the ways we either grow or stagnate, growing families, end of life issues and then finally, our need to go find a hat store. And we found it! Tucked away in Sloan Square is a designer hat shop, Gabriela Lienza, where we entertained each other with fascinators and large brim straw hats and talked to the owner about this particularly British fascination. And again, with that custom, I feel right at home.

After navigating the multiple areas in London to and from our hotel, I always feel like we've really accomplished something in just surviving it. Even the Ex-Pats can get lost:

But what a place to be lost!

A really cute car:

Big Day starts early tomorrow!


ParisBarrs 7 years ago

I'm loving this you guys! Glad you are having fun. I'm watching the Abbey live from Paris online with my Apple Mac. The fascinators are fascinating! The hats are glamorous and ridiculous. Too much fun!

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