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Top Heavy USD 497

Let it be known. I DO NOT WORK for USD497 but I am a stakeholder and parent of children who attend. I care about their education and want the best for the students and their experience in the classroom. As a way to begin whittling down the budget and making the cuts that contribute to long term fiscal feasibility I suggest consolidating power at the top before closing schools. Both may be necessary but if Spt. Doll doesn't trim his staff, anything else he chooses to do will be considered offensive.

Here is the ADMINISTRATIVE contact list from the US497 website.

Chief Academic Officer, Teaching and Learning: Kim Bodensteiner

Curriculum Services, Division Director: Ann Bruemmer Instructional Services, Division Director: Angelique Kobler Student Intervention Services, Division Director: Kevin Harrell Technology and Library Media Services, Division Director: Chantel Nicolay Assessment, Research and School Improvement, Division Director: Terry McEwen

Chief Operations Officer, Administrative Support: Frank Harwood

Human Resources - Certified, Division Director: David Cunningham Human Resources - Classified, Division Director: Bob Arevalo Facilities and Operations, Division Director: Tom Bracciano Finance, Division Director: Kathy Johnson Food Services and Purchasing, Division Director: Paula Murrish Technology and Library Media Services, Division Director: Chantel Nicolay

I suggest Kim Bodensteiner take oversight of a dept called Curriculum and Instruction and let both of her underlings back into the classroom. Most districts in KS also consolidate their Curriculum and Instruction into one position, instead of two. This is a classic example of over-mangement.

Chief operating administrator, Frank Harwood, becomes both Certified and Classified HR director. Yep. Its possible. Most districts don't split HR into Certified and Classified HR. Some districts in KS have done away with an HR director entirely and paid the administrative assistant (who usually runs the place anyway) the extra responsibility and a raise. (Saving at leasst 100K!) Master teachers are utilized for recruitment. I recommend anyone interested in seeing how effective the Certified HR staff is, browse the USD497 table at a job fair. This is our tax money in action. Compare their performance to the other school districts in terms of friendliness and approachability. Evaluate the materials handed out to prospective teachers and see what really goes on. I challenge you. It's pathetic.

Poor Chantal Nicolay looks like she's being managed by two administrators. Is that efficient?

When districts are squeezed, it's a slap in the face of the community not to consolidate power at the top. Just do it as a good faith gesture. Although I'd hate for anyone to lose their job, a couple hundred thousand dollars trimmed from the top is a good decision even if it seems inconsequential. I promise you, IT IS NOT.

If you have other suggestions, please comment. I'd love to hear them all.


Pentecostal Palin

In a country.... where the separation of church and state has ensured equality and religious freedom for over a century.... one woman will single handedly turn back the clock....Sarah Palin....the Pentecostal V.P. Armed with nothing but a bible and fashionable belt, she pledges to take reproductive choices out of the hands of women who aren't capable (or wealthy) enough to make them and put those choices in the hands of the government leaders who care so deeply for the unborn babies. But do they care deeply enough to adopt them, educate them and even....gasp...feed them? Faith based programs have done some of this but not enough. If R v W is ever overturned, will the religious leaders swoop in and save the actual lives of the babies as they grow into children, teens and hopefully, adults? This nation has not only a short attention span but bad long term memory. Who remembers the pre-Roe v Wade years of back alley abortions and rich girls spending long summers in liberal European countries? The rich make choices the rest of the low income poor women make babies. Many with addictions at birth. I know. I work with these kids every day. Keeping abortion safe and legal isn't going to prevent teen pregnancy. Abstinence education doesn't prevent teen pregnancy. Nothing can stop teens from getting pregnant if they aren't careful. Acceptance of teen pregnancy and good social programs that help teens successfully raise their unwanted children, or find good families for their babies are what it will take. But the Republican's can't possibly pay for all of that. It's too expensive to offer them the support they can't get anywhere else. As our demographic becomes geriatric, you can bet the majority of tax paying citizens will frown on social programs, faith based or otherwise, to help these pregnant young women. So...what's the solution? Abortion. Safe and legal.


Leave the poor girl alone!

I'm with Obama. Bristol Palin's pregnancy is her business. Her family has pledged to be supportive and she's scheduled to marry the biological father. I, for one, have hope for this young woman and wish her the best. So many women wait and wait and wait for the right time to have children. They get educations, they have careers and they have to slide the baby making and cookie baking into the cracks of their busy ,busy lives. (ex. Sarah Palin) For Bristol, she won't be working full time and being pregnant. She will be able to rest, eat right and the family will take care of her before, during and after the baby. She'll finish her courses either at school or online. She'll still apply and get accepted and go to college. As a member of the upper, upper middle class, she'll have a nanny to help her and maybe even a maid. She'll be well cared for and so will her child. All will be well.Not so for many of the nations teen mothers. Their lives are anything but safe and secure. They work low paying jobs with little or no health insurance, up to the very day they deliever. They are ostracized by their peers and society. They live on welfare and often never return to school. Yet, the American consumer is bestowed pure images of wealthy teen mothers with cute little babies in adorable outfits and rugged buggies. All of their beauty and good fortune makes teen pregnancy very trendy. There are teenage women who are ready for motherhood. They are mature and capable. As long as Bristol Palin understands that her childhood, her teen years are over, she will be able to carry the responsiblity with which she is blessed. I have hope for her and the father. I wish them much luck and happiness. Babies are a blessing and they happen, not when planned, but when chosen.