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Top Heavy USD 497

MJ Browne

Let it be known. I DO NOT WORK for USD497 but I am a stakeholder and parent of children who attend. I care about their education and want the best for the students and their experience in the classroom. As a way to begin whittling down the budget and making ...

Pentecostal Palin

MJ Browne

In a country.... where the separation of church and state has ensured equality and religious freedom for over a century.... one woman will single handedly turn back the clock....Sarah Palin....the Pentecostal V.P. Armed with nothing but a bible and fashionable belt, she pledges to take reproductive choices out of the ...

Leave the poor girl alone!

MJ Browne

I'm with Obama. Bristol Palin's pregnancy is her business. Her family has pledged to be supportive and she's scheduled to marry the biological father. I, for one, have hope for this young woman and wish her the best. So many women wait and wait and wait for the right time ...

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