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Buy Matresses for America


As the nation enters a historic economic slump, the federal government has promised the citizens a loaf of bread to endure the hardship of these times. It is not yet clear exactly what portion of bread we shall receive, as our representatives are still in the process of deciding, but one thing is certainly clear:this bread is all the change we should expect from them.The Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke before Congress last Thursday, once again lying to the public that a recession was avoidable with the help of the Federal Government. Never once owning up to admission of the Fed's key role in the destruction of the US dollar and economy. Never once admitting that the Fed's policies continue to steal money from the pockets of hardworking Americans and place that money in the hands of the wealthy central bankers.Bernanke claimed in his testimony that the "economy has softened" and that our growth estimates are looking below that of 2007. This is a man who is asking if we smell smoke while his hair is on fire.Yes Ben, one could say the economy has "softened" when we have the dollar at an all time low, inflation and unemployment skyrocketing, the worse housing market since the Great Depression, oil prices at record highs, and continual erratic behavior on Wall Street to name just a few problems.Bernanke supported the idea of an economic stimulus package from the White House and Congress, and with a straight face hoped that the people would use the money to "buy American products". Bernanke obviously knows full well that those tax rebates will not be used to buy American products because we no longer produce enough of anything for us to buy in order to turn this "softened" economy around. Except perhaps mattresses:an unlikely hero indeed. Despite the United States' $6 Trillion trade debt (1/3 w/ China), by some miracle the mattress industry has been one of the few survivors. Astonishingly, only 3% of mattresses are imported into this country, making it one of America's finest domestic assets. So this summer when your government rebate bread comes in the mail, do the patriotic thing for Uncle Sam and exchange it for a new, American made mattress:and then thank the Federal Government for your new found restful sleep.


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