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Disturbing Behavior

I work at the Lawrence Public Library and generally Wednesdays are eventful because of the number of teens that hangout after early school dismissal. Well yesterday may go down in history. A large group of teens gathered in the Children's section and watched two girls beat each other senseless and instead of encouraging their classmates not to engage in such behavior, they cheered them on. The entire melee may have lasted for at least ten minutes. The agressor was subdued by the security officer and when he turned his back, she took off only to be apprehended again. She didn't want to go to jail. Too late! You created a very dangerous situation among the public and you don't want to go to jail.I see an increasing number of teens hanging out, unsupervised and the problem is only going to get worse if parents don't step up and take responsibility for their children. It is not the library's responsibility to babysit your out of control children!