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Won't You Be My Neighbor?


I am a resident of an apartment complex in East Lawrence and for the most part, I have had few complaints..........that is until now. I have no problem with anyone wanting to celebrate the holiday (or any other function for that matter) in a manner they choose. But you would think out of common courtesy for their neighbors that they would keep the noise to a minimum. Your guests may enjoy the music cranked all the way up but you are not living out in the middle of nowhere. You do have neighbors, some who work, some elderly, some that just don't want to hear music blasting for well over three hours. Surely there has to be some consideration for others around you. Sure, I can call the landlord and complain and I can call the police and send an officer out. But what will my family have to endure because of it? There is always the safety first issue. I have complained before to the landlord, and either this tennant has amnesia or doesn't give a damn!


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