On the Transition to a Sustainable Paradigm

A True Patriot Throws Away Nationalism; A True Religion Throws Away Religion

Tim Hjersted

http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2010/Jul/02/634136752775919072.jpg I must be a true Christian, a true Buddhist, a true American, a true Iraqi, a true patriot. A practitioner of one of these philosophies may say I am not a true believer, to identify with other religions and countries, but he would have misunderstood. This perspective is the ...

An Experiment: Loving More, Judging Less

Tim Hjersted

The next time you think about rejecting someone, try loving them instead. You’ll find it is more difficult than you might imagine. If you usually pride yourself on loving many people, you may be caught by the sudden contradiction of your behavior, when you find it hard to love someone ...

Peak Oil: It Is Here Now

Tim Hjersted

The President talked about peak oil in his national address without mentioning it by name. Oil companies are drilling miles below the ocean surface for oil because all the cheap, easy to get oil has already been drilled or is being drilled. The BP disaster represents only the beginning of ...

What Is It Going to Take to Heal the Apathy in Our Society?

Tim Hjersted

http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2010/Apr/21/Desktop_Heal_the_Worldsmall.jpg With a growing awareness of mounting ecological, economic, political, and social problems, there exists many growing currents of response. On one hand, more people are waking up. They're getting involved. They're saying, "Not another day! This is where I mark the line." They're hungry to get involved and they're ...

Society, Love, and the fear of Loneliness

Tim Hjersted

How many of us seek out a relationship, want to find companionship with someone because we are afraid of loneliness? How many of us think that we could be with anyone we want but are, in moments of doubt, afraid that no one will love us? Despite their beauty, attractiveness, ...

If Only the Government Had Respected Its Own Laws... I Am Barack Obama's Political Prisoner Now

Tim Hjersted

Having just finished reading Black Elk Speaks, Leonard Peltier's recent letter brings the plight of Native Americans over the last two centuries into present focus. Someone reading the 1932 classic today might easily believe that while it is a tragic tale of America's bitter origins, it is a story firmly ...

Toxic Waters in Kansas: 33 Violations. $0 Paid in Fines

Tim Hjersted

Sometimes, the mainstream press does a good job, and Saturday's investigative feature in the New York Times serves as an excellent example of what all journalism should look like: journalism that puts the people's interests above corporate interests. The Times has compiled an interactive database that shows water pollution violations ...

Why Conspiracy Theory Rhetoric is Hurting our Democracy

Tim Hjersted

Shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, President Bush asked the American public to “never entertain outrageous conspiracy theories.” The irony of his statement is easily lost. Most people consider themselves reasonable, thoughtful individuals that don’t believe in crazy conspiracy theories, but the Official story of 9/11 – that ...


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