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On the Transition to a Sustainable Paradigm

The Top 7 Critiques of Obama from a Reality-Based Perspective

Tim Hjersted

Barack Obama has been called everything from a gun-hating, closet-Muslim hiding socialist to a big-government loving, deficit exploding, tax increasing, class-warfare waging liberal elitist. He's been compared to Hitler and denounced for wanting to destroy capitalism and/or America. He pals around with terrorists. They say he wasn't born in America ...

The Truth about 9/11 Isn't Black or White - It's Time our Media Reflected This

Tim Hjersted

> Note to readers: This article does not > advocate 9/11 conspiracy theories. No > where in the article does the author > state "9/11 was an inside job," or > even imply as much. > > All that said, to properly understand the context > of this article, readers ...

Taboo or Not, Journalists Have a Duty to Report the Full Truth about 9/11

Tim Hjersted

*Note to readers: Please note that this is not an article about 9/11 conspiracy theories. No where in the article does the author state "9/11 was an inside job," or even imply as much. Also of note, there are not "two sides to this story" - criticizing the 9/11 commission ...

Good news: The Lawrence Peak Oil Plan is Finished!

Tim Hjersted

In April 2007, [Films For Action][1] screened [The End of Suburbia][2] to an audience of 180 people, and launched a campaign to have the Lawrence City Commission create a Peak Oil Task force, which would study the local impacts of peak oil and propose recommendations for the city to take ...

Black Friday is Buy Nothing Day

Tim Hjersted

Since 1997, the biggest shopping day of the year in North America has also been known as Buy Nothing Day - a playful protest against the cultural and commercial pressures that compel us to consume more every year, grow more in debt to prove our love to our loved ones, ...

Dealing with Collapse: Why Reaching out to Young People Is So Important

Tim Hjersted

Reaching out to young people is especially critical at this time. With mounting psycho-social stress attributed to an increasingly uncertain future, young people are going to need support grappling with the social effects of the coming collapse. (If this statement seems strong, click the link for context) The world is ...

An Open Letter to Our City Commissioners: We Need Visionary, Creative Solutions to Old Problems

Tim Hjersted

Today's [LJWorld editorial about voter apathy][1] got me thinking. I also find our abysmal voter turnout deeply troubling, and I think I may have a solution. If we want to inspire more people to go to the polls, they need something to get excited about. We're going to be facing ...

Raising Awareness: Why We Shouldn't Take It For Granted

Tim Hjersted

A dangerous thing can occur when you start learning about what's really going on in the world. The problems start to seem so complex, and you're just one person, doubts begin to creep in. You sincerely want to help change the world, but from all this knowledge you start to ...

The Root Problem is the Root Solution: How We Can Fix Our Democracy and Create a Sustainable Future

Tim Hjersted

So, I was trying to get my friend to read a recent issue of Adbusters magazine. "You've got to read this!" I said. "There's an article about how the media today is owned by only a handful of corporations, and corporate consolidation is leading to fewer voices getting on the ...

Peak Oil: The Real Story Behind the BP Oil Disaster

Tim Hjersted

You wouldn't know it from the mainstream media's coverage of the BP oil spill, but the 184 million gallons of oil that are now devastating the Gulf region is only a part of a much larger problem. Corporate greed and corrupt government oversight played their roles in the disaster, but ...

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