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Lawrence pizza restaurant to donate all sales and tips to Oklahoma City tornado relief effort

I know there have been lots of folks in Lawrence doing various projects or fundraisers to help the victims of the tornadoes in the Oklahoma City area. Well, here’s another one and this one involves an opportunity to stuff your gut full of pizza and to break out your best New York accent.

Morningstar’s New York Pizza, 4931 W. Sixth St., will donate the proceeds from all of its Tuesday sales to The Salvation Army in Oklahoma City. In addition, staff members at the restaurant have agreed to donate all their tips for the day to the effort.

Roger Morningstar, the former KU basketball player who opened the store at Sixth and Wakarusa, said he wanted to make sure people understood this wasn’t an “after expenses” type of donation. He said, for example, if a person orders $50 worth of pizza and tips the server $10, all $60 will be shipped to The Salvation Army in OKC.

All that is left for me to do now is practice my New York accent. I think when my wife asks me to take out the trash tonight, I’ll say : “Fuhgeddaboudit.”

Look for me at Tuesday’s fundraiser. I’ll be the guy gumming my pizza.

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