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Town Talk: Taiwanese bakery opens near 25th and Iowa intersection

It may seem odd that a duo with an M.I.T. background has opened a small bakery in the tucked away shopping center just behind the Office Depot at 25th and Iowa streets.

But Raymond Kung quickly clarifies.

"M.I.T. — Made in Taiwan," Kung says of himself and his business partner Hamlet Chang.

While it may not be the same as a degree from M.I.T., the background is providing a nice advantage for their new business, Formosa Bakery, which specializes in a Taiwanese-style of bread and pastry making.

The shop opened about a month ago at 2201 W. 25th Street. Currently it is only in the wholesale baking business selling breads and pastries to restaurants and coffee shops in the Lawrence and Kansas City area. But the business plans to open the shop up to retail sales next Thursday.

Customers will find many recognizable baked goods, such as cheesecake, tiramisu, Black Forest cake and custard-filled cupcakes and pastries. The Taiwanese baking style isn't so much about creating exotic dishes as it is about refining the ingredients in dishes, Kung said.

"People tell us that it produces a real smooth, comfortable aftertaste," said Kung, who does sales and marketing for the company while Chang serves as owner and baker. "You don't just get a sugar rush to your tongue."

The duo has been in the Lawrence area for about 10 years after growing up in Taiwan. Chang received formal baking training in Taiwan, and the pair thought the unique baking style would help it standout in the Lawrence market.

The business currently has a partnership with the Oriental Bistro & Grill at 1511 W. 23rd Street. The restaurant carries all of the bakery's items.

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