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3 Spoons Yogurt closes Lawrence store

Maybe the folks at 3 Spoons Yogurt know something we don’t — that winter is never really going to end.

Whatever the case, the frozen yogurt business at 732 Massachusetts Street has closed its doors, and an employee there confirmed to me that the company has no plans to reopen elsewhere in Lawrence.

I didn’t get any official word on why the company decided to close. I suppose you could assume that it was just a decision based on the amount of sales the company was doing in Lawrence, although the store had nearly 3,000 likes on its Facebook page. (And that’s all you need to get rich in America anymore, isn’t it?) I will say that on my many patrols of downtown, it seemed to me the store had a good following, especially with the sorority crowd. (I’ll tell you what I tell my wife when she asks me why I know so much about where sorority members hang out: It is my job to be observant.)

3 Spoons, which has been in Lawrence for a little more than two years, is part of a franchise that was started in College Station, Texas in 2009, according to the company's Web site. In case you are curious, the nearest store to Lawrence now appears to be Waco, Texas. (It might melt before you get back.)

What isn’t the case, it appears, is that some other business came and took the space away from Three Spoons. Bob Sarna — an executive with First Management, the company that serves as the landlord for the downtown building — confirmed to me he doesn’t yet have another business lined up for the space.

The frozen yogurt business downtown certainly got more competitive in recent months with the opening of TCBY at Ninth and Massachusetts in the former Penny Annies location. Both operated with the same philosophy of serve yourself and then take your yogurt up to be weighed. (Dangerous business trying to gauge the weight of food. Lawrence Memorial Hospital once had a spaghetti bar that operated like that. One of the more important lessons I’ve learned in life: Spaghetti is heavy, although it was the best $22 hospital lunch I’ve ever had.)

TCBY, though, also has the added advantage of being a Mrs. Fields Cookie retailer as well. (Because of the observant nature of my job, I have observed they do give free samples of that product.)

I’ll keep an ear out for word of what may be heading into the 3 Spoons location. As for people who have a gift certificate to the 3 Spoons location in Lawrence, the company is asking you to e-mail lawrence@spoonsyogurt.comto find out the details for a refund.

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