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Chain store along south Iowa Street makes room for candle and decor shop


I’m generally anti-candle, unless I can use one to burn my NCAA tournament bracket. So, in that regard I guess it is timely for me to pass along that Lawrence is set to get a new national candle and decor shop.

Construction work is underway in the Pine Ridge Plaza near 33rd and Iowa streets to convert the Bath & Body Works store into a White Barn store. To be clear lotion lovers, the Bath & Body store will continue to exist, but the remodeling work is making space for a White Barn too.

If you aren’t familiar with White Barn, you must be odious because the store touts itself as being all about good fragrances. White Barn is part of the Bath & Body chain. In malls, the two stores usually are side by side. Here, both stores will be in the same location.

Bath & Body has moved to a temporary location just one door down from its normal spot. Once the project is completed, it will move back to the original location, which is in the portion of the shopping center that houses Jason’s Deli and soon will house a Men’s Wearhouse.

As for what White Barn carries, candles of all types are the big item. Among its taglines is “Candles lovingly poured in New Albany, Ohio.” (I don’t know what constitutes “lovingly” pouring a candle, but I suspect there are some factory workers who wish the company would come up with another way to say that.)

In addition to the variety of candles, the store also offers plug-in air fresheners, room sprays, decorative wall hangings, and for the Easter season, something called a “chick magnet.” Calm down, fellows. It is actually a magnet shaped like a furry, baby chicken.

Signs at the store say the project will be completed in May, and a construction worker at the site said it likely would be in mid-May.


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