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LawrenceLives, LFK Tumblrs, a NYT mention and some Quantrill

It's Tuesday and here's your Lasso roundup:

• Don't know how I didn't see this before, but this Tumblr exists.

• Speaking of Tumblrs, Jayhawk Parking is back in action.

• Here's a really nice photo from Shot, of Lawrence High School football:

Photo from Shot

• And from the weekend, cool shots from Kurt Vile and the Violators at The Granada from Vulpine Musings.

• Also, Larryville Chronicles wraps up all the Quantrill's raid-related events from the weekend.

• There's a new site in town, dedicated to "what makes Lawrence great." It launched just last week, but @LawrenceLives is already embedding itself in the local Twittersphere.

• Last but not least, I completely forgot to throw this article from the New York Times at you. It was from earlier in the month and the Frugal Traveler doesn't make it to Lawrence but it's still a good read about Kansas.


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