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America the sick-a-ful


This nation suffers from a deadly virus called “RIS.” This stands for Race, Ideology and Symbolism. If this nation continues on its current path it will implode in a few months not years.

Let us examine the first symptom that is called Race. In the book of Matthew chapter 24 verse 7. It reads; “Nation (ethnos/ethnic) will rise against nation (ethnos/ethnic), and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.”

In our current state of affairs hate groups like the KKK, Skinheads, Neo-Nazi and Aryan Nation are armed and gearing-up for a race war. Their motive is to kill all people of color, Jews, Gays and etc… They feel that they lost control of this country which they deem as for “Whites” only. In addition, we are involved with warring factions among other countries and we are probably far short of a food shortage but this nation continues to neglect the homeless and the elderly. Lastly, the past 2 years we have experienced mild quakes in parts of Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and as far north as Connecticut. These states are not known to frequent earthquakes.

The second symptom is Ideology. In the book of Proverb, chapter 29 verse 4. It reads, “By justice a king gives a country stability, but one who is greedy for bribes tears it down.” Again in our current state President Obama is putting controls into place to bring some stability to the economy and to stave off lobbyist from the House and Senate. In addition, he is also working with the FED to establish principles against unscrupulous bankers and share holders.

The third symptom is Symbolism. In the book of Proverb 21st chapter first verse. It reads, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord; He directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases.” In our current state many Republicans are vehemently contending against the President who is clearly for the people. It is amazing how the Republicans are parading themselves as fiscal conservatives but for 8 years every time President Bush stroked his pen it was shis boom bah rah rah rah Go George! Go!

During those 8 years there were 5 scandals of Gay sex and 38 scandals of coercion or bribes with money and there should be 2 crimes of treason, all Republicans. You see they talk tough and act perfect but as soon as one challenges them about their mistakes and their propaganda they retreat into an act of oblivion. Yet, they are aware of it and they pride themselves on being impervious.

For years they road the wave of the Christian Right by propagating as if they were the only ones that has a fixation on God and doing the right thing. Then suddenly, Boom! Shacka-lacka oh no a Black man is President. This President has relentlessly reached out to Republicans but they fail to remember that Bill Clinton ran for President on the platform that he was going to raise taxes on the rich to pay down our deficit. Nobody likes taxes but Republicans have not proven that they can be prudent. You cannot start a cold-war and then go overseas and start a fight without money. When Republican’s speak about preserving America for the future of children they literally mean their children if you don’t believe me go to the Appalachians and SE Missouri, NE Arkansas, Southern Ill., Ind., and Ohio.

With that said the color of Obama’s skin is further proof that Republicans are not subject to change and incapable of appeasement and they are staunchly arrogant. They are as desperate as of to date that they went out and got a Black man Michael Steele to get some direction. Then there is Rush Limbaugh which makes this a sad account of their lack of an agenda.

With these 2 this is an equal to an Oreo cookie that has been left out over night. When you bite into it you’ll say Yukie! Then you spit it out.

In the book of Numbers 12th chapter Aaron and Miriam the brother and sister of Moses questioned his leadership because he was married to a Black woman. So when God heard them he called them out and chastised them. Afterwards He then spit in Miriam’s face and she became Leprous. Moreover, because of this there was no movement or progress in the camp for 7 days. One must remember the President’s heart is in the hand of God. So therefore, all of our government officials and media pundits better take heed not to do or say anything that is too irrational because this nation will suffer the consequences that may come in the form of natural disasters by criticizing President Obama. We all bashed President Bush so often that we fell in a quagmire so wide that there is nothing available even by our armed services that could trace us. We are lost.

Moreover, as a nation, we all must repent to Jesus because not only was He the God of the forefathers of this nation. He is thee King of kings and Lord of lords’ period.


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