America the sick-a-ful

Gregory Newman

This nation suffers from a deadly virus called “RIS.” This stands for Race, Ideology and Symbolism. If this nation continues on its current path it will implode in a few months not years. Let us examine the first symptom that is called Race. In the book of Matthew chapter 24 ...

This is SCARY

Gregory Newman

All of these blogs are pretty good yet none of us hold no office. Thats scary. A president who will sign a bill that no one has seen. A house and senate that doesn't have a clue. When this all falls apart could anyone find me a decent cave I ...

Merrill wasting time with a rePUGnant

Gregory Newman

Well said Merrill but you wasted a lot a energy with people that retreat into an act of OBLIVION when they are challenged about their mistakes and propaganda. Yet, they are aware it and they pride themselves on being impervious. In addition, by the REPUGNANTS not voting they made it ...

leave the boy alone

Gregory Newman

What man alive that doesn't have a vice? Watch Out Now ! All liers are going to the lake

Well said fellas

Gregory Newman

I am 56 years old and that range is where I am killin legit high school players. They can't help it nobody coaches it. Teaching basketball is a lost art.its sad but get used to it although it hurts. Coaches are too busy playing their partners kids and bowwing to ...

Kooooookie miller

Gregory Newman

Hey! Highscore. Bring him a nice pink skirt ship him to me out in Cali then I'll take him across the bridge to Frisco and then I will post him up then I will send you the MONEY. Only if I get 15%. DEAL

reply for the ages

Gregory Newman

I am THEE ORIGINAL JAYHAWK. I am not against the HAWKS. Cole has the same issue. You ain't got a clue about basketball. You only see it as entertainment. For the other guy; the refs are not picking on them. THEY GRAB PERIOD. ALL REFS TRADITIONALLY PICK ON ALL HAWKS ...


Gregory Newman

The twins need alot of work in the block. They don't know how to hold their ground. They have to bend at the knees; feet spread just outside shoulder width; and move to the ball when pass is coming; they have to feel which side the defender is coming when ...

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