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Why do we not have a ROCK THE VOTE in Kansas? Would that not bring voters out and get them excited about voting? In Kansas City, MO, they had one on September 7 and they had 5 bands. Two of them are local bands; The Belated and Waiting for Signal. The Wombats, Carolina Liar, and Ludo were the other three. In between each band, local politicians from both Missouri and Kansas, got up and spoke to the crowd. They discussed issues that would affect their crowd (particularly younger voters) and did it in a way that would perhaps sway them to get out and vote. Representative Dennis Moore of Kansas came out on stage with guitar and sang "This Land is Your Land" while the crowd sang along with him. This seems like a fantastic idea because you want young educated voters. In college, we get more actively involved in politics and study about the issues that affect us now and ones that will affect our future. We learn that this nation, though seemingly bi-partisan, has several parties. We want these educated people to vote. Uninformed voting is worse than not voting at all. Maybe we at Washburn, or the students of KU, should instigate one. http://media.www.washburnreview.org/media/storage/paper1140/news/2008/09/15/Entertainment/Rock-The.Vote.Unites.Through.Music-3431721.shtml


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