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should we pull out of the war?


We all know someone that has been sent to war or is going to be. My sister recently signed her contract with the United States to become a petroleum refuel specialist. She went to Oklahoma a few weeks ago and is waiting to be shipped to her training. She will most likely be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. I am, like many of us, very affected by this. Is there more we can do there? Is there a way out of this war? Many experts, as well as a lot of soldiers feel like the answer is no (at least not right away). They feel like if we just pull out of this war, it will create genocide. In October of 2001, we entered into this war by bombing Afghanistan. Many people died. Others suffered health effects from weapons and environmental damage created by these weapons. Pollution entered the air and into the masses lungs. It also affected the wildlife in this area; some of the birds in this area dropped by 85%. The affects of the soldiers fighting is not only physical, but emotional as well. It is emotionally scarring watching people who you have spent months, or in some cases years with, die right in front of you. On the other hand, the Taliban government has been removed. There are many soldiers that feel that politicians should listen to the field commanders before they decide to pull out of the war. What would happen if we just removed ourselves from this war? www.lenntech.com/environmental-effects-war.htm


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