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Washburn Student seeks 57th seat of State House


A college student from Washburn University is running for the 57th district seat in the state House Of Representatives. He is a 27-year-old business student. He came to Washburn when his wife was denied in-state tuition at KU. His name is Sean Gatewood. His predecessor, Vaughn Flora, was a 14-year veteran. Flora, who is good friends with Gatewood, encouraged him to run when he decided to step down. Gatewood won his primary against Dustin Hardison. Gatewood reportedly pulled 47% of the votes and Hardison 41%. He is now running against Republican Cheryl Reynolds in the general election. Gatewood was taking a full schedule until campaigning made it very difficult to do both. He has dropped to three hours. Sean said that learning how to run his campaign is at least a full year of college crammed into a few months. The major issues in his district are lowering the cost of healthcare and economic development. Everywhere I look online; I can find Mr. Gatewood's name, but nothing else about him. On the Kansas Democrats website, it has a picture of him and what he is running for. So I met with him. He feels like one of the problems with economic development is that we are not keeping the younger citizens of Kansas here. He also feels like we need to work on creating alternative energy resources and that Kansas is one of the best places to do that. He also thinks that Kansas cannot reduce taxes in this time of turmoil because we should embrace this moment of economic disparity and "strike while the iron is hot" (meaning look at this recession as a time to rebuild while the economy is low so that we can attempt to come out on top when the economy rises again.) He feels like the committees in Congress only really hear from the upper-level employees of bigger corporations and lobbyists; not the lower-level ones. He thinks that the "smaller" person should be the voice they hear from. Sean plans, if elected, to only be in office for a couple of terms. He says, "just long enough to get a few things done." I asked him what made him decide to run for office. He told me about his wife not getting in-state tuition for college, even though she should have been eligible for it. He said that he aspires to become a advocate for people with the same tuition problems. His wife is a pharmacist and they hope to open a pharmacy here in the state of Kansas. I think that he is very personable and has great character. He also shows perceived caring and trustworthiness. He answered every question that I asked and didn't shy away from any issue. I would definitely vote for him if I was in his district.http://www.washburnreview.org/home/index.cfm?event=displayArticle&ustory_id=bffa3801-df49-4464-9e39-681cadce58cb


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