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As the election has almost come to a close, I have been wondering what will come of this economic crisis post-election. Both presidential candidates speak of a "plan of action" that they have devised for this crisis, but do they really have that much of a say in this matter? Isn't it up to our congressmen? They are the people that write the bills that get voted on, vote on them, and work together to decide the future of this country internally. Isn't the president's main function to externally run this country? Should it be the president's "plan of action"? Or are they just "blowing smoke" to gain our votes?Why are we not getting any feedback from the candidates that do make these financial decisions? How can a candidate tell us that they won't raise taxes and fix this turmoil that we seem to be in at the same time? Please, someone tell me how it really affects them! How can we trust our future with anyone that is not really affected by this hardship? I am a mother of 4 children. We have 6 mouths to feed and I have recently taken on a second job, on top of school and the kids, just to get by. There is a song that I absolutely love from Pink called "Dear Mr. President" that gets to me every time I hear it.http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/pink/dearmrpresident.html (song lyrics)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITZZ6-... (live version on YOUTUBE) I have cried to this song so many times because it really hits home for me and makes me realize that we are all in this alone. I have to take care of my own. I have to feed my kids, even though food sales have skyrocketed. I have to make sure that we have gasoline to get us all to school and work. I have to make sure that we have heat and electricity. These are things that people take for granted when they are not affected by this "financial crisis." A lot of people feel this way and think that it is pointless to vote. Who is looking out for us?I am getting this education to secure a future for both me and my family. I want to have the ability to send my children to school. I am taking care of my own. I have heard over and over again how we are all affected by this "economic hardship" due to the country's financial meltdown. To this is I say: some of us more than others.


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