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It’s October already? It’s time to read some Ray Bradbury stories, or some Neil Gaiman, maybe.

My writer’s group is, of course, preparing for NaNoWriMo. We met last weekend and there are other meetings coming up where members of the group will get together and bounce ideas off one another, create character sketches and otherwise do the work of getting ready for an intense month of writing.

You can join in if you like every Friday between now and November 1 at Borders in Lawrence from 7 – 9 pm. Just look for the group of writers in the café working hard and having fun.

I haven’t posted here since last December, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy writing other things. I was going to try and edit my novel from last year, but I got distracted with other writing and only read through it once. It’s not bad in spots, not good in others, but overall could be at least interesting if I took the time to punch it up a little bit. But it’d be better if I did it now rather than back in January as I’d originally planned. The problem with wanting to write is that one tends to do just that and in the process becomes better by learning more. I’m sure you don’t remember that I was writing short stories and serializing them on my website. I was asked to also serialize them on The Penny Dreadful, where there are a dozen other authors doing the same thing. A friend contacted me in December and asked me to write a prose back up for a comic book revival of a little known pulp character. That led to me writing a story for Actionopolis and that led to another story for the same publisher. As yet, none of those stories are published.

I’ve also got four stories that are written. They need to be edited now that I have new skills, and prepped for submission to magazines and websites. Time for rejection slips to be coming in, I think.

Ideas are flying. The little monkeys are bouncing off the insides of my skull and I thought I knew which story I wanted to write. Then last night I thought of something else, something easier to write in a month. This morning a third idea’s moved in and is sitting on the couch in my head taking potshots at the monkeys with little bits of gravel. Last year I was sure what I wanted to write, this year there are so many more possibilities. I guess since I’ve been regularly sweeping out the storehouse of ideas, new ones have slipped in and taken up residence. Something will shake out, I’m sure, and I’ll have a good idea what I want to write before Halloween.

Will I make October a real place or a real person? Dare I follow in the footsteps of Bradbury and Gaiman? I don’t know. Stay tuned.


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