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Game for a Hunt? (Clue #1)


Based on feedback regarding the Treasure Hunt ("Game for a Hunt," May 10), I've decided to release the first clue early, and a subsequent clue each week until the location is discovered. Again, based on how this pilot goes, I'm considering a cache of new dollar coins or a $$$ gift card for the next hunt.Here's a recap of the ground rules, followed by the clue.Want a healthy diversion from a down economy and soaring gas prices? How about an intellectual challenge that pits you against other brainy folk in a university town? Good. Then the Lignell Zone has a treasure hunt for you. It's a modest treasure, but you wouldn't have read this far if you couldn't supplement the bounty with a competitive spirit and a legacy of persistence. Ready? This trove below has been placed somewhere in the Lawrence area.http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2008/May/10/Treasure_1.jpgIt contains a half crown -1966, one and two shilling coins - 1966 & 1954, a ceylon 50 cent piece - 1943 WWII, a penny 1907, and a half penny - 1942 WWII. These will be sequestered within a G.E.M. silver case.Ground Rulesï¶ The treasure is hidden somewhere in the Lawrence vicinity on property the public can accessï¶ The treasure will be placed no higher than four feet off the groundï¶ I will only answer questions about the ground rules; I will not answer guesses about the riddle, which would give an unfair advantage to the questionerï¶ If the treasure remains undiscovered, another riddle will be posted on the first Saturday of each month before 7:00 PM Central time (Amended May 16 - I will post a clue every week until it is discovered).ï¶ Remember to have fun.When you solve the riddle and find the treasure, take a picture with you at the location and email to me at dave_lig@hotmail.com. I will post it along with a bevy of accolades for out performing everyone else in the hunt.Please note. This is a trial hunt. I'm not sure if the riddle is too easy, too difficult, or just right. If all goes well, I will consider another hunt for something such as a gasoline card, redeemable for a full tank of gas. In any event, you can always pawn this treasure for three or four gallons by summer's end.God's speed and good luck. Here's your first riddle. LodestarGrim icon; play hub Sentries stand as luminariesBelvedereFour sentries pastNorth from the bendBeyond the bedsWhere three convergeThe treasure waits NOW....Here's your first clue, which relates to the first two lines in the riddle:LodestarGrim icon; play hubhttp://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2008/May/16/clue_1.JPGGood Luck! (and let me know your progress)


Alia Ahmed 10 years ago

Dave,Oh, man, I only wish I could leave work early today b/c I think I could the treasure!

David Lignell 10 years ago

Hi Alia,I know YOU can find it now. Still, it might take a bit of searching for some. Just leave work on an extended errand :-) Hey, until someone emails me at dave_lig@hotmail, I'll consider it still out there. BTW, the thought about the hub being a merry-go-round makes sense. I meant it as a place where people gather to play, such as a park.

Alia Ahmed 10 years ago

Well, Dave,I looked but couldn't find it. Darn it. I'm going back unless I hear someone else found it first.

haplo 10 years ago

Treasure is found! YARRRRR!It took us two trips there (one yesterday and one tonight) to find it. We kept overlooking it. Very nice hunt indeed and we look forward to more.Sincerely,Mike, Megan and Alex

Alia Ahmed 10 years ago

Boy, that was fun. Congratulations to Mike, Megan and Alex. Exactly where did you find it? I thought it was between the third and fourth lamp post north of the rocketship. I looked by the trees, under some rocks.

David Lignell 10 years ago

You're SO close...keep trying! It's not next to the Polaris, however.

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