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Well, I for one didn't get an invite. . .


As America watched President Obama speaking from Ft. Hood yesterday, I was at work less than a mile from Van Fleet Hall, the Headquarters building of III Corps. I stepped outside around 1:00pm, and looked over towards the HQ building, where I could hear the 1st Cav Band playing.

Of course, I couldn't see anything. From my vantage point, any other day I would have been able to look right at the front door of the building, where the flag was hanging. Not yesterday, however. . .to protect the building and all of the spectators, they ringed the south side of the HQ with connex trailers stacked three high. I'm sure the idea was to block a direct line of sight from anywhere on that side of post, but it sure ruined the view.

Instead, I watched the service like many did, I'm sure: from my computer. It was a nice service, although I was a little surprised by the "whooping" and yelling and clapping that came when the POTUS came to the podium, but with the relative youth of a lot of the attendees, I guess I can understand it. It just seemed very somber while LTG Cone and GEN Casey were speaking, and then the atmosphere changed. But even the POTUS seemed a little taken aback by it. . .or at least, just a little uncomfortable. Maybe he was just uncomfortable about the whole service.


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